Spring Break Roundup

As I reflect on my ten day respite otherwise known as Spring Break I have nothing but positive memories and priceless moments with my daughter in which to boast. Oftentimes I suffer from a little guilt about being a working mom. I hate missing time with my daughter and truthfully that longing for spending time with her is what drives me out the doors everyday as early as possible. I love my job, but I am first and foremost a mom and I strive to be the best mom I can be. Which requires time.

I do have to realize that part of being an awesome mom is also working to provide for my daughter along with my husband. If it weren’t for our paychecks there are many opportunities we’ve had that may never otherwise have happened. I’m thankful for my job in so many ways, but helping to provide a comfortable and fun life for my daughter is at the top of the list for reasons that I love my job.

This Spring Break I challenged myself to do some of the things I had neglected to do because my schedule had been too busy (especially during basketball season and my husband’s crazy schedule). So I want to dedicate today’s post to a quick round up of Spring Break 2015:

Monday 3/30- We painted canvases and accomplished several arts and craft projects.


Tuesday 3/31- We visited the Columbus Zoo with a family from church.


Wednesday 4/1- We visited a nearby lake and stopped in a historical candy shop where my daughter devoured her first true ice cream cone.

IMG_0491 IMG_0496

Thursday 4/2- I made brunch for my sister (who just had her second child six weeks ago) and we had a play date.


Friday 4/3- Daddy was off too! We had lunch at Harvest Moon Cafe which we had been wanting to try and visited a horse rescue.

IMG_0505 IMG_0519

Saturday 4/4- We completed some home projects as a family and did some spring cleaning. We also enjoyed dinner with some friends in Columbus.


Sunday 4/5- Easter! When our daughter woke up in the morning she awoke to a great indoor egg hunt. The Easter bunny had scattered her eggs and gifts all over the house and she had a blast finding each of the surprises. For months she’s been begging for a kitty cat bike helmet so that we will let her ride her bike outside and ride horses so she was absolutely thrilled that the Easter bunny fulfilled that request. We also spent the day at church and with family. It was exhausting, but fun!

IMG_0530 IMG_0558

Monday 4/6- We had a slow morning recovering from Easter. Then, we got back into our regular Monday rhythm of visiting the local library. My daughter loves books and she and I have made it a habit to weekly take a trip to the local library. She loves to play in the kids section and today to cap off the final day of break we followed up our library escapade with a trip to a local coffee shop, Scioto Valley Coffee. I had a coupon and so my daughter’s smoothie was free.

IMG_0570 IMG_0573

All in all my break with my daughter was a success. I loved every minute. It’s so much fun to watch her learn and experience things for the first time. She is so excited to be growing up and she has such a lovely and independent personality. Going back to work is going to be hard after all of the fun I’ve had over the past ten days, but 2:30pm will come soon enough and I’ll be back home to my amazing family. My hope is that I save my energy for the evenings a little better. I hate coming home exhausted because I feel like I miss out on moments like I’ve been having with my daughter. Motherhood is fun.

Enjoy your week 🙂

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