Spring: Five Minute Friday

This week I am sitting down to craft my FMF post after a short hiatus. A lot has been going on in my personal life and so I decided to take a week and focus on myself and my family. Today, I feel recharged and ready to tackle the weekend and days ahead. I am excited to reunite for my weekly check-in with the other members of the FMF communuity. Today’s prompt is: Spring.

After many months indoors and working during the hours when the sun was visible, I am overjoyed to enter springtime. This is the time of year when we shake off the cacoons and awaken to the beauty of nature. Morning birdsongs remind us that life is good and that there is room for joy in our lives.

I do not have a favorite season, because each serves a necessary purpose and contributes to the cyclical pattern that regulates our world. However, during Spring is when I am at my happiest. Reuniting with the outdoors is usually all I need to lift my spirits. I find strength in the promise of new life. As flowers bloom and trees begin to clothe themselves once more I am reminded that life is good and that we are all created with a purpose.

Engaging with Spring is also among some of my favorite activities. I love:

a walk in the woods

a bike ride on the trails

planting new seeds

painting the sunrise or sunset

clothing myself in the bright colors inspired by nature

strolling the neighborhood with my family

picnicking after a hike

eating a meal on the porch

As we enter into the first weekend of Spring are you doing anything to celebrate? In Ohio, the temperatures are falling back in to the 40s for the weekend, but I still plan to bundle up and enjoy some outdoor activities with my family. What about you?

The Ameri Brit Mom

10 thoughts on “Spring: Five Minute Friday

  1. Spring in Florida means hot and muggy days are coming soon! I am trying to get outside to enjoy the beautiful days as much as possible before the warmer days get here! I agree, each season has a very good purpose.

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  2. Being on the other side of the world we are bracing ourselves for winter, but your post has given me something to look forward to for when we come out of the other side of winter. Blessings, Leisa


  3. Today the door is open,
    Chihuahuas running in and out.
    The last cold spell is broken,
    and, dear heart, there is no doubt
    that spring’s sprung in this desert place,
    and soon will bloom wildflowers
    to imbue a special grace
    in life measured in hours,
    for they are bright ephemera,
    here today, then gone,
    but they give heart a patina
    that we depend upon
    through the summer, fall, and winter rain
    until they choose to come again.

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