My Day at a Glance Download

If you are anything like me, then starting the day off with a plan is the best way to get motivated for what lies ahead. With coffee in hand (and my favorite Papermate Flair pens), I like to schedule or plan out my day and set intentions before the sun has risen.

The way I plan out my day differs throughout the year, but I’ve found that the easier my method is to use–the more likely that I am to actually use it. That is why I created a one-page My Day at a Glance worksheet. Everything that I need to know for the day is collected on a single page, and it takes five minutes to get all of my tasks on paper.

For $2.00, this download is available to you. You will receive the file as a pdf, which can be printed or converted from your device into a digital file (using Kami or similar apps). Getting organized can be difficult, but when you have a cute and simple strategy the likelihood of follow-through is also increased.

When you join my Patreon page, you will receive downloads to help you stay organized each month along with exclusive short stories and content.The price of these downloads are included in the monthly Patreon pledge.

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April 2022 Bullet Journal Setup

Just in time for a new month’s spread, I received my Amanda Rach Lee Acrylograph markers (from her collaboration with Archer & Olive). If you are not familiar with Amanda Rach Lee, she is basically the queen of bullet journaling and has her own brand online. She partnered with the famous stationery brand, Archer & Olive, to create exclusive colors for their Acrylograph paint markers. Not only are the tones aligned to Amanda’s muted pastel aesthetic, but she also designed a unique tin for storing the markers with her signature doodles. Aren’t they beautiful!?!

Cover Page

After polling my Instagram followers, I used their feedback to decide on the theme of “April Showers.” This theme worked well with my new Acrylographs. I did the title in Rustic Brown. The clouds were outlined in Mellow Tangerine, the sun and its rays were done in Pastel Sun and the rain was done in Vintage Denim. Faded Pear was used on grass and flower stems and the florals were done in several of the brighter hues like Lilac Fields and Pink Quartz. I left a lot of negative space on the page to keep it clean and to make sure that the center of the cover page was the illustration with my new favorite markers.


This simple calendar layout is my go-to. I’ve been using a 5×5 grid spacing calendar throughout 2022. I like the way I have plenty of space for writing out upcoming events. The margins are for more detailed planning or things to be remembered for this month. I alternated between several Acrylograph colors when numbering the days of the month.

Fitness and Diet Tracker

Each day gets a horizontal line in this spread. On the left hand side, I numbered the dates vertically and then left space to fill in workouts and notes. On the right side, I wrote out my eating goals and left space to mark off the foods from my diet that I consume in their respective categories.

Blog Spread

Another very simple spread here. Just a basic drawing using the Acrylographs and the dates fill this half-page spread. I use this space to track the posts that I publish throughout the month and to plan upcoming posts.

Weekly Spread

This rolling weekly layout was inspired by The Plant Based Bride. On the first page, there is space to record upcoming events for the week. Additionally I used this space to jot down things to keep in mind. On the second page, I use the task migration system and habit trackers to make sure that I am productive and efficient throughout the week. These are great spaces to quickly make note of what needs done and any tasks that have been completed.


Amanda Rach Lee and Archer & Olive Collab Acrylograph Set

Papermate Flair

Tombow Fudenoske (Black)

The Ameri Brit Mom

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March Updates (Bullet Journal)

Three months into my bullet journal and I’m feeling more organized and productive. I’ve nailed down a weekly spread that works for me and I’ve added all sorts of collections that have allowed me to dump my mind. I used to carry around these lists in my brain and now I have a place where they belong. It’s been very freeing and allowed me the chance to relax in ways I hadn’t before.

There are times I have to jot something down while it’s on my mind, but there are no more worries about whether or not I will forget it. Every list has a place in my bullet journal. It is a customized book that I am filling constantly. No more wasted space in a planner created by someone else! I am utilizing every page and making it work for who I am and the types of lists I incur.

Here is a look at some of my newest pages in my bujo:



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#Spring Break Goals

Spring Break: Two of the sweetest sounding words for any student or teacher. The terms when used together have the meaning-pretending that it is summer vacation. As a teacher this is my last hiatus before the impending summer. Spring Break is a much anticipated milestone in the educational calendar. This year the break has fallen just before the insanity of the standardized tests my students will be subjected to. Stakes are high and the to-do list at school is endless, but I vow not to think a thought about all of that this week. My mind and body are in serious need of a school detox so I plan to take full advantage of this week to accomplish just that.

This is also our first spring break as a family. Prior to this year my husband always worked at a different school district, but this year he has been a teacher in the same district as I am. We have loved the synchronized school calendar and the additional time we get as a family as a result.

I have created a list of some fun, stress-relieving activities I plan to carry out over this blessed break. Here is my top 5 Summer Break Goals:

1. Spruce Up the House

It’s been a while since my entire house received a good cleaning. Although I plan to not waste my whole break scrubbing floors and washing windows, I do think that a good half-day is in order to bring my house back to life. Also, I am working my way through the 40 Week Whole House Organized Challenge by Organize365. This week the focus is on the laundry room so I will get to work on that process as well. Additionally, if it gets warm enough I plan to mulch my front yard and till my garden in preparation of new plants.

2. Host A Party

Our church meets weekly in the homes of various families in the Columbus area. Our life group (cLife) is getting ready to multiply and split into two groups at the end of this term. It’s been a great run and we have grown to love each member of our group. Some of us have been together for two years. As a last hoorah we are hosting a party tomorrow night at our house (which to be honest is my motivation to get the house cleaned.)

3. Visit the Zoo

I’m so excited to have received an early birthday gift, a Columbus Zoo Membership. We live thirty minutes from the #1 zoo in America. Every year we visit the zoo a couple of times and now that we have a family membership I’m sure we will visit more frequently. As a family we really enjoy our zoo adventures. The animals are beautiful, the activities are fun, and the trails are fantastic.


4. Go On A Hike

Lately, I’ve been all about the great outdoors. I think it’s a product of being cooped up for far too long over the winter. I am hoping the weather will cooperate and as a family we will have an opportunity to go to a beginner trail in our area.

5. Finish Editing My Novel

The last thing I hope to mark off my to-do list this break is finishing the edits on my novel. I’ve been working on a query letter for potential publishers and I’m hoping to be able to start sending it out at the end of the break. It’s helpful to send pieces of a manuscript along with query letters so I am working to get my novel to the point I feel comfortable enough to send out. I still have a couple of chapters to rework and a few subplots to tie off.

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Five Minute Friday: News

This week the topic for the Five Minute Friday link-up post is News. What is a link-up? Essentially a link-up is when you join other bloggers and write on a similar topic. You share your blog posts with one another and begin conversations via a host site. You can head over to Kate Motaung’s page to check out other entries from inspired bloggers. Here’s my five minutes of uninterrupted, unedited writing on this week’s topic:


Not much news in The Ameri Brit life lately. Each member of my family has fallen victim to a 24 hour flu bug at some point this week. This morning marks the first day of all three of us being able to eat and keep food down. It has not been a fun week to say the least. So, today and tomorrow will be recovery days in which I plan to completely disinfect every square inch of my house.

Which does lead me to a bit of blog-related news.

Over the past seventy-two hours I’ve done little aside from sleeping, getting sick, and surfing Pinterest. During my time thumbing through pins I’ve decided to begin an organization project for my home. Starting this week I will be embarking on a 40-week home organization process following the tips and app by Organize365 and Lisa Woodruff. If you are unfamiliar with this blog, I suggest following it! It is full of easy-to-implement ideas to help you take control of an unorganized home and life.

With the first step in her organizational plan, Lisa calls attention to all of the paper in our houses which can clutter and keep us from being on the ball when it comes to dates, times, bills, etc. I will be spending today gathering all of my household papers into a single laundry basket. That’s an easy enough step 1. The hard part is yet to come. Filing and finding a home for these papers is the real challenge.

So as I disinfect my germ-infested home this afternoon I will be toting around a laundry basket and gathering up every loose piece of paper. Getting rid of all the paper is a huge first step for me.

What is the hardest part of getting organized for you?

The Ameri Brit Mom




My Life Planner

I haven’t done an organization post in quite some time. The reason behind my lack of posting in this category is honestly my own lack of organization. During the springtime I did a lot of flying by the seat of my pants and every time I fall into that rut I tend to lose sight of many of my personal goals. So…with the ushering in of summer vacation I am ready to get back on track with those organization goals I set for myself back during the bleak winter time.

Where do I start?

I have jumped back into meal planning and regular grocery shopping as evidenced by my restocked pantry shelves and the mounds of dishes in need of a good rinsing . For about two weeks I’ve gotten back into the habit of planning my meals in advance which increases my chances of a home cooked meal by about 80%. When I just “wing” it and am disorganized about it I am far more likely to go to a restaurant/drive thru which starts a vicious cycle of unhealthy decisions.

I also ordered an planner on Etsy which is like the King of all organizers. I went through the Plum Paper Designs Etsy shop and custom-built a planner for every need of my family and personal organization.


This particular planner can get pricy depending on how you want to use it. For me, I purchased an add-on to help keep my blog and household organized. I ended up paying close to $40.00, but they have basic planners that start cheaper at around $16.00.

From the moment I received my customized planner I knew I had fallen in love. The size was perfect for fitting into nearly everyone of my totes/purses. The paper was thick and durable. The colors were bright and exciting. I was enticed with the scheme and design I created and I couldn’t wait to begin planning my life, fitness, reading, and blogging in this little Book of Lauren.


Here is a look at the monthly view of the planner. This is where I record upcoming events, birthdays, bills, and deadlines.


I could also customize the start and end date for the planner. Mine begins in June and ends next May. I love the colorful tabs as well. (If you haven’t guessed colors are good motivation for me!)


Lastly, here is a look at the weekly layout I chose for my planner. Plum Paper Designs has several weekly layout views to choose from. I found this particular template fit my needs best. As a writer it is imperative to have plenty of space to record ideas and plans. On the left hand side I have space for notes and on the right side there is space beside each date to plan the blog post for that day and jot down some basic ideas like photos to use or resources to reference. I have been most successful in my blogging when I plan posts a week or so in advance and spend several days cultivating each post. I don’t like being disorganized because that oftentimes leads to feeling rushed and producing a less than satisfactory product. This has helped me get ideas on paper and plan accordingly when documenting photographs and ideas.

I’ve enjoyed the entire process from selecting the theme, layouts, add-ons and using the pages I created to help keep myself on top of everything. My sister even checked out my planner and asked for one as part of her graduation gift as well so we are eagerly awaiting its arrival any day now. She preferred the Student Planner for herself and the cost was much lower than mine because she did not go with all the bells and whistles that I did. That’s what is so cool about customized planners, you get exactly what you need for your lifestyle.

I would highly recommend the purchase of a planner from Plum Paper Designs, and I don’t even get anything from that recommendation! I just love it that much 🙂


Staying On Top of It All

Once again this teacher is cut off from society and stranded at home yet again. Our district was set to begin state tests this week, but due to weather and now a gas leak in our high school it is Wednesday and we have not yet commenced the testing. I am making the most out of all of these days at home. I’m using this time to get organized, clean the house, and make progress toward health and fitness goals. So today I want to focus on some of the ideas I’ve come across for organizing my life and goals.

1. Goal Setting

As the year was beginning I set some goals for myself. I created an organizer for my goals to help get the ball rolling and into action. I made a pyramid with the goal for the year at the top. Then, I broke the goal down into monthly, weekly, and daily goals within that pyramid. My two goals to focus on in 2015 are: Completing a 5k competitively and doing some professional writing (i.e. a novel). I got this idea from Jillian Michaels. I found some articles on goal setting according to this famous fit and healthy icon and used some of those ideas in creating my own goal plans for 2015. Here is a link to the template I found most helpful: http://images.agoramedia.com/jillianmichaels/cms/unlimited/journal-11.pdf

2. Daily Organization:

Also at the beginning of the new year I sought out a planner that would help me keep on top of my goals and would be an encompassing life planner. After some searching online I purchased a pad from Thyme-is-Honey.com. I am super pleased with this product because it allows me space to plan out my day according to health, home, and fitness goals. When I set daily goals for myself it helps my long term goal seem more attainable and keeps me organized. I recommend taking a look around Thyme-is-Honey’s page and shop. There are a lot of organizational ideas that I find inspiring. (I follow this blog)


3. Blog Ideas:

When I created this blog not only was I looking for a creative outlet for myself, but I aimed at sharing real life experiences as a busy mom with the world in hopes of mutually encouraging others out there either just like me or who have been where I am now. I’m definitely in the infant stages of blogging. I’m learning a few new tricks and ideas every day. As I began setting up my blog originally I wasn’t quite sure what I would have to bring to the table that other people would want to read. I spent a lot of time scoping out the competition and looking at the posts of others in the blogging community. Instead of narrowing my ideas to one topic I decided I would try to cover all the facets of my life on this blog. After a successful first week as a blogger with over 350 views and more subscribers than I anticipated I decided to also get organized with my blogging. I set up a schedule of blog post topics. I plan to write on a rotation basis so as not to get bored of one particular category of writing. My goal is to create a post a day and to become an active member in the blogging community by commenting and subscribing to at least two new blogs a day. Here is a look at the plan of attack I’ve created for moving forward with this blog.


I am not claiming to be a mom on top of it all by any means, however, I do have to admit that I am currently the most organized that I ever have been. I’ve been taking a few minutes everyday to focus on myself and my goals and that has made a world of difference. What are you doing to keep organized and reach your goals?