June 2022 Bullet Journal Downloads

I spent this beautiful Sunday preparing my bullet journal pages for June. I used Canva and my own templates to create this month’s package. Teal is my favorite color and June is my favorite month so I paired the two up to design a teal watercolor theme for this month.

If you are interested in these easy-to-use calendar spreads, you can gain access to them via my Patreon page. If you join my Patreon, you contribute $5 a month toward the launch of a small business all while receiving exclusive content like bullet journal pages, freebies, and monthly short stories.

Hint: I print my bullet journal spreads on matte sticker paper so that I don’t have to mess with glue. All you need is sticker paper, pens, and a notebook and you are ready to conquer the month ahead!

Giving back creative gifts like this brings me so much joy as a creative entrepreneur. While my business mainly lies in Writing and Editing Services, I love using my creative juices to branch out and offer exclusive content for those who support the work being done at The Ameri Brit Mom.

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April 2022 Bullet Journal Setup

Just in time for a new month’s spread, I received my Amanda Rach Lee Acrylograph markers (from her collaboration with Archer & Olive). If you are not familiar with Amanda Rach Lee, she is basically the queen of bullet journaling and has her own brand online. She partnered with the famous stationery brand, Archer & Olive, to create exclusive colors for their Acrylograph paint markers. Not only are the tones aligned to Amanda’s muted pastel aesthetic, but she also designed a unique tin for storing the markers with her signature doodles. Aren’t they beautiful!?!

Cover Page

After polling my Instagram followers, I used their feedback to decide on the theme of “April Showers.” This theme worked well with my new Acrylographs. I did the title in Rustic Brown. The clouds were outlined in Mellow Tangerine, the sun and its rays were done in Pastel Sun and the rain was done in Vintage Denim. Faded Pear was used on grass and flower stems and the florals were done in several of the brighter hues like Lilac Fields and Pink Quartz. I left a lot of negative space on the page to keep it clean and to make sure that the center of the cover page was the illustration with my new favorite markers.


This simple calendar layout is my go-to. I’ve been using a 5×5 grid spacing calendar throughout 2022. I like the way I have plenty of space for writing out upcoming events. The margins are for more detailed planning or things to be remembered for this month. I alternated between several Acrylograph colors when numbering the days of the month.

Fitness and Diet Tracker

Each day gets a horizontal line in this spread. On the left hand side, I numbered the dates vertically and then left space to fill in workouts and notes. On the right side, I wrote out my eating goals and left space to mark off the foods from my diet that I consume in their respective categories.

Blog Spread

Another very simple spread here. Just a basic drawing using the Acrylographs and the dates fill this half-page spread. I use this space to track the posts that I publish throughout the month and to plan upcoming posts.

Weekly Spread

This rolling weekly layout was inspired by The Plant Based Bride. On the first page, there is space to record upcoming events for the week. Additionally I used this space to jot down things to keep in mind. On the second page, I use the task migration system and habit trackers to make sure that I am productive and efficient throughout the week. These are great spaces to quickly make note of what needs done and any tasks that have been completed.


Amanda Rach Lee and Archer & Olive Collab Acrylograph Set

Papermate Flair

Tombow Fudenoske (Black)

The Ameri Brit Mom

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My New Journal Bible

A few months ago I began a quest for a Journal Bible after following several blogs highlighting ideas and benefits of keeping one. My quest ended this weekend when I purchased my Bible at a local Christian Bookstore. The Bible I picked out was a Zondervan Holy Bible Journal Edition in th NIV translation. Each page has a single column for notes or artwork.

I first learned about Bible Journaling on Pinterest–I later created a board based on ideas I had found articles that seemed helpful. Then I was led to visit a blog which has become a favorite of mine. Rachel Wojo is an Christian author who blogs and is also a Bible Journaler. She’s inspired me a lot with her love of scripture. Through my months of investigating I’ve found some really neat blogs and articles about this creative method of Bible Study. Another site I like is called Illustrated Faith. I really like their infographic about how to do this method:


My brain is wired in such a way that I love to read, write, and create. This method of Bible study is appealing to me because it focuses on reflecting on scripture using the creative parts of my brain. I can dwell on what scripture is really saying or the promises of God’s Word and create unforgettable word art inspired by the truth I’m learning at the time. I haven’t done too much lately, but here is a look at two things I’ve done so far.

At this point, I’ve still looking for supplies. I’d love to find some pens, highlighters, markers, stickers, etc. that won’t bleed through the pages of a Bible. That seems to be the most difficult part. If you have experience in the art of Bible Journaling please share your tips. I’m still a newbie, but am already loving the practice of reading, reflecting, praying, and creating.

The Ameri Brit Mom

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Live Loved


This Valentine’s Day I received a copy of Margaret Feinberg’s Live Loved: An Adult Coloring Book. This book is so much more than a booklet of motor skill refining pictures. Rather this book is a walk through some of the most intimate scriptures which highlight God’s love for His people.

Some people (like me) are wired with creative tendencies. For those of us who enjoy artistic expression we need to make sure we find creative outlets for those personality traits. It’s easy to get busy and to keep from expressing ourselves as artists, but it is imperative to spend time rewinding in a creative activity.

This book is really a cutting-edge idea.

I journal and write about what I am learning in my journey through God’s Word, but I’ve never put much thought into reflecting on what I read in a more creative way. The whole idea behind this book is to spend extended amounts of time creating, praying, memorizing and reflecting on passages from God’s Word.

Over the next several months I intend to begin Bible Journaling. (If you are unfamiliar with what all that entails check out this post by Rachel Wojo.) Working my way through this book, however, is a great segue to that process. I will openly admit that while my mind may be wired in a creative manner that my abilities may not be top-of-the-line. As I work my way through this book I plan to share with you some of my pages and reflections. So, please, no judging the artwork.

Today, I read and reflected on 1 John 3:1.


After completing my illustrative page I turned my attention to God’s Word. I was led to a passage in the following chapter (1 John 4:16-18) which also focuses on God’s love and what that means.


Today, my prayer is that I begin to live a life more focused on the fact that I am loved by my God. That in doing so I may experience love without fear. That I might accept the only love which makes me complete through seeing myself as lovable is my prayer. Lastly, I pray that God’s love spills over into the way that I love others around me.

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On Being a Writer: Discover

I am joining a group of writers who are linking-up twice a week through the month of September to discuss some of the foundational ideas in writing. The topics for this link-up come from the book On Being a Writer by Ann Kroeker and Charity Singleton Craig. This link-up is being hosted by Kate Motaung on her blog entitled Heading Home. Today’s topic is Discover:

When I write I find myself. The emotions and deepest thoughts buried beneath layers of the things that make me uniquely me. I find those things when I sit down with my fingers ready to type or my hands ready to write. I pause and in the silence God begins to peel back my layers and reveal what it is that I’m made of. I find my strength. I find my faith. I find my voice.

Writing helps me to discover the plans that God has for my life. Some days God’s purpose in my writing is just to cause me to reflect on who He is and what He has done in my life. Other days God has a specific story for me to share whether that be a real experience or a creative piece. Without writing I would not have documentation of this journey of life and evidence of God’s provision and plan for me and the world to see. Writing provides me an opportunity to share what my mind is incapable of explaining. For me the eloquence of words on paper comes much more easily than spoken word. I can be heard more clearly and louder than any voice when I express myself in writing.

I thank God everyday for this gift he has bestowed on me to help me discover my story and share it with others around me.


Benefits of Keeping a Prayer Journal (Repost)

A crucial part of my blogging routine every day involves taking a look at the content of other blogs to which I subscribe. I brew a perfectly crafted mug of coffee from my Keurig and sit down on my comfy couch to scroll through the new posts in my WordPress Reader and e-mail from the blogs that I visit and enjoy the most. Oftentimes this process inspires me when it comes to topics for my own posts and also I am motivated by the success of other bloggers.

In the right-hand margin of my page you can find some of the posts that I like which is updated daily when I read through the new posts for the day. I’ve decided to begin featuring some of those posts here on my page every couple of weeks. There are so many talented writers and gifted artists out there. This is an opportunity for my subscribers, followers, and friends to hear from the people who inspire me by reposting those articles that I’ve found informative and worthwhile.

Today my repost is an article by Rachel Wojo called Benefits of Keeping a Prayer Journal.


Rachel Wojnarowski is a Christian author who inspires me daily through her blog posts about choosing God everyday. Recently her blog has been centered around anxiety and worry which has really helped me through my own personal journey. The post I am featuring, however, deals with keeping a prayer journal and the benefits of doing so. If you are someone who is already in the habit of keeping a list of prayers this post offers some strategies to make it more meaningful. If you do not currently have a prayer journal of your own this article makes a strong argument for creating and keeping one.

In the past, I have done well to write down my own prayers. It’s helped me to keep focused on my particular requests and provided a means for recording when God has answered prayer. However, in the past few months I’ve found that my prayer journaling has lacked depth. Here and there I may jot down a thought or an idea I don’t want to forget, but I’ve not written much beyond that. This article has motivated me to not only write my requests and prayers with more focus, but has also given me new ideas to revitalize the journaling that I already do.

Please click over to Rachel’s page and take a look at this article.


Writing As a Ministry


Over the past several weeks I have been working on a new opportunity and I am excited to officially announce on my blog that I am taking my writing to a new level and becoming part of my first ever writing ministry. Over the past couple of months my church (Covenant Church in Grove City, Ohio) has been restructuring itself and creating opportunities for the members of the church to become more involved in the mission of the church: to seek and save the lost.

A few months back one of the pastors of the church sent out a message seeking those with the gift of writing to help with some upcoming projects. Initially, I did not even see or know about this message, but several of my friends within the church recommended me to this pastor and I somehow ended up on the radar. Over the next couple of days I submitted some of my writing to the church. Upon review of my writing I learned that the church would like to use me in this new ministry. Shortly thereafter I met with this pastor and he outlined the specifics of this project. I signed on the dotted line and committed to joining the team at Covenant in the area of writing.

I say all of this not to boast about my writing skills, because I am still learning and growing. Rather I say this to show that God is good! I’ve been convicted about getting involved with our church and I feel like God has opened doors for me to effectively use my gifts to serve Him. Also, I know that for me writing is some times my avenue for communicating with God. For years I’ve kept journals that hold some of my deepest conversations with God. Writing has always been a way for me to completely give over my thoughts to God and I am so glad that he is choosing to use my writing to glorify Him.

When I began my blog this winter I set out to accomplish some goals for myself. My blog contains a journey which if you were to start at the beginning and read forward you would see how God has been shaping me through my blog posts. Through this process God has taken what I meant for myself and focused it also on Him. There are a lot of things I have learned through writing and nothing is more important than giving God the glory for whatever He is using me to accomplish.

So I joined this writing team to show God that I recognize that my passions and gifts are from Him and I am willing to use them for His glory. It may take a little extra time on my part to write for the different upcoming projects (magazines, interviews, discussions, etc.), but ultimately it is bringing God glory doing something that I love so I don’t even fear the time commitment involved. In the future I may post some of the articles I write or share some interviews with my blogging community so stay tuned for that. I just really wanted all of you to know that God is using this writing thing for something much bigger than me and I am so excited to take a hobby and turn it into a ministry. To God be the Glory!


How the Gospel Changes Things and Bible Study Ideas


Have you ever had the insatiable need to hear from God? I had this need earlier in the week to abandon all distractions and get alone with God and my Bible. It seemed like I lived this week at a constant race pace and I was beginning to stress myself out to the maximum. The end of the year can be rough and even rougher are the unknowns about planning for a new school year (especially when a wrench has been thrown into your supposed plan.)

For me the urge to get alone with God can sometimes go unfulfilled due to a busy schedule and constantly having a toddler in tow, but I’ve had enough! No more putting off the time I need for myself to grow closer to God for some planned activity or event. I focused on what really mattered and got myself secluded and alone with God.

On my way home from work I organized my essentials. I had my Bible, journal, pens, and stopped at my favorite drive thru for the essential coffee 🙂 I drove to a serene and quiet location, rolled down the windows, and turned off the radio. I had aimed at creating the best atmosphere for myself to really listen to God without the worry of being distracted. With a few moments to spare before needing to relieve the baby sitter I sat in the presence of God.

IMG_0822 IMG_0823

At first I was quiet. I waited for God to prompt my heart with a thought and direction. Once I felt like God had given me a clear purpose for this encounter I began a journey through the scriptures. Some were scriptures I felt him calling me to and others came from using the tools in my Bible and Bible app (She Reads Truth) to guide me. After I read through God’s Word and how it aligned with my current circumstance and subject I talked to God about my life.

I guess I should just come right out and say that God was calling me to re-examine the Gospel. For too long I’ve been living as if the Gospel is not the GOOD NEWS that its name refers to. I’ve been burdening myself which keeps me from experiencing the freedom of grace. I’ve allowed myself to view the Gospel as something that I don’t need a daily reminder of when in actuality the only healthy way to see the Gospel is to remember its purpose and impact DAILY.

What is the Gospel? The Gospel loosely means, The GOOD NEWS. This news is that while we are still sinners Christ died for us. (Romans 5:8) Our sinfulness had separated us from God, but God sent His Son who was blameless to receive our guilt so that we could have a relationship with God and the opportunity to enter into eternity with our Father in Heaven (John 3:16)

Why did God do this? God did not choose to save me or anyone else because of anything we had done. Just like everyone else I am a screw up. I’ve never done anything to earn my welcome into God’s family except accepting that gift. Jesus never said that He came for those who had their life together, read their Bibles, went to church every Sunday, had only Christian friends, and never used curse words…luckily for me! On the contrary in Matthew 9:12-13 Jesus says that he came for the sick and the sinners. Amen, because that’s me!

God sent His Son to give us an example of true love and to give us hope in a broken and lost world. Lately, I’ve done a terrible job remembering the Gospel. It is so fundamental to the life of every Christian, but it is all too often overlooked. We zero-in on our current circumstances or get stressed out about things of no consequence and neglect the joy that should be present at all times in our lives. Instead of claiming Christ and His victory in my life I’ve been claiming defeat and accepting failure.

During this encounter God really dealt with my heart and showed me ways that I am allowing my own anxiety to steal my joy and rob me of the peace that accepting the Gospel is all about. The beauty of the Gospel is that once you’ve repented and been forgiven the sin is done. You don’t have to continue on sinning or fear that you’ve fallen so far that God can’t help you. I no longer need to live defeated or battle with the anxiety that weighs me down. Because I have accepted Christ the Spirit lives within me and I need only to allow Him to work in my life. I need to surrender control of my life and trust God and His ways for me.

One way I have resolved to encounter God more in ways like I did this week is by committing to a Bible reading plan. After quite some time sifting through reading plans on the internet I found one that seemed appealing. I won’t lie, I’ve been down this road before. God has convicted me that I haven’t been making the Bible a huge priority so I set out to fulfill some version of “The Bible in a Year” plan. With good intentions I begin the plan, but after an illness, trip, or busy day I fall behind and accept defeat. This time around I’m going a different route. Being an avid reader, English teacher, and one with a minor in Bible I decided to try an genre based reading plan. If I can maintain the pace I should be able to read through the entire Bible in one year, but if it takes me longer it won’t kill me. The difference about this plan is that each day you are reading something different than the day before. The daily plans are based on different genres so one day you may read a Psalm excerpt, while the next the focus may be on prophetic literature. I find this appealing because it first of all keeps my attention and second of all exposes me to various types of writings in one week.

With this being the beginning of my summer vacation I think that there is no better time to try out some sort of reading plan. I found this reading plan on a blog by a man named Alex Tran. I am nearly a week in and I love it! God is already teaching me so much and my life is beginning to resemble joy and peace once more. If you are convicted or in the market for a Bible plan please check out some of the Bible plans and options listed on Alex’s site. Here is a look at the plan I am doing, but he has an article titled, 23 Reading Plans to Satisfy Anyone.

Genre Reading Plan:


Please share how the Gospel has affected your perspective and any Bible Reading plans that have worked for you!


A Trial Run in Fiction Writing

As part of my pursuit in the writing field and after the encouragement of others I’ve decided to publish some of my fiction writing. Depending on feedback I will try to make this a habit. Let me know what you think:

Elizabeth walked to the front of the bakery. It was closing time and the sign on the front door needed to be flipped. She had turned the lights in the dining room down when the final customer left and so the short walk from the counter to the front door was poorly lit. Just before she reached the large wooden front door her foot made contact with a small object. Her slip-proof shoe had sent the object spinning and the sound of clanging metal followed the trajectory of the moving object.

She continued her walk to the front door. With each step she could hear the creaking of the old wooden floors. Elizabeth had purchased this bakery five years ago from an older couple in their small town. The structure itself was a hundred years old and was perfectly set in the middle of her small town. The location was ideal as it was neighbored by a local coffee shop, several storefronts, and the city courthouse was across the street. Being amidst these buildings meant that when closing time came at the bakery at 9pm that all of the neighboring shops had long since darkened themselves to the community.

As she reached the door she flipped the hanging hand written sign to read “Closed” from the outside. She put her large skeleton key in the lock and obstructed the entrance of another into her bakery for another eight hours. As she turned to head back to the counter to cash out for the night she remembered the sound of the metal object she had kicked moments before. With the little light escaping from behind the counter she was unable to see anything on the freshly mopped floor. She resolved to getting onto her hands and knees to scour the place in search of the object.

After a few moments of searching on her hands and knees Elizabeth spotted a faint reflection coming off of something under a nearby table. She removed an old wooden chair from its designated resting place and returned to her knees. Immediately after feeling the object she recognized the shape and significance. The object was small and she cupped her manicured hands around it. She stood up, returned the chair to its place and walked back toward the kitchen to view the object in better lighting.

As she walked beyond the counter into the kitchen she slowly unfurled her hands and revealed a diamond ring. The ring held a solitary diamond of a large caliber. It was white gold and she estimated with a keen eye that it was worth well over $10,000. Overcome with confusion Elizabeth laid the ring down on a clean plate on the counter in the kitchen.

Across town Elizabeth’s boyfriend was eagerly awaiting her arrival home from the bakery. He rented a small townhouse on the other end of their hometown. Elizabeth was the kind of business owner who made sure she was always the one to close up in the evenings so he was used to making plans to see her in the late evenings. That particular evening Brandon and Elizabeth had planned to have dinner in his townhouse. He had spent his evening roasting a chicken and creating Elizabeth’s favorite potatoes to cheesy perfection. Brandon knew how hard Elizabeth worked and how much pressure owning a bakery can be for a young business owner. He wanted the evening to be relaxing for her so he worked hard to ensure that it was so.

At about 9:15pm Elizabeth texted Brandon to let him know that she was tied up at work and would be later than they had planned. In reality, Elizabeth had taken upon herself to find the rightful owner of the ring. She pulled out the receipts for the evening along with a local telephone book and began to call some of the patrons from that day.

She pictured a woman coming home from a long day of running errands for her family to find that she had misplaced her $10,000 ring. Elizabeth placed over thirty calls and left several messages before she decided to put the ring in the bakery safe and pick back up the search tomorrow. Brandon was waiting on her and she did not want the meal he had prepared to go to waste. She placed the ring in the safe, took off her apron, grabbed her purse and keys and headed out the back door of the bakery.

In the alley behind the bakery the small white Jetta was parked. She opened the door, turned the ignition and headed through the town toward Brandon’s house. From the street outside his home she could see the lights still on. She breathed a sigh of relief that he hadn’t given up on her arrival and retired to bed yet. Elizabeth hated being late, and had run through an apology in her head during the drive to Brandon’s home.

He opened the door and greeted Elizabeth with a smile and a kiss on the cheek, a welcome that Elizabeth feared she didn’t deserve.

“I am so sorry that I am late.” She emphasized the sorry part. In her meticulous world those who were late to planned events were inconsiderate of others.

“It’s fine. I really just finished up with the chicken anyway.” Brandon fibbed a little to help make Elizabeth feel better about making him wait a little longer than expected. After a two year relationship he knew she was way harder on herself than anyone else was on her. He also understood that whatever was going on in the bakery must have demanded her immediate attention if it led to her being late.

They began their meal in the dining room. Brandon started by discussing his day at the insurance agency where he was employed. Not a lot of excitement happened in his cubicle, but he did have a run in with a coworker about the local college football game coming up this weekend.

“So how was the bakery today?” Brandon asked Elizabeth as he began to clear their empty plates from the table.

After the meal was cleared and over a cup of warm coffee she began to discuss some of the orders she filled that day from four dozen tiara cupcakes for a toddler birthday party to six loaves of freshly baked artisan breads for a ladies’ knitting group. She talked through some of her interactions with the local and loyal customers.

“Simon from the parish placed a large order of garlic knots for next week’s spaghetti dinner fundraiser. Oh, and I met the loveliest couple on holiday from up north. They ordered gourmet sandwiches and salads during the lunch rush. They were staying at the Bed and Breakfast on Main Street. It’s their anniversary and…”

Elizabeth stopped. She knew that they must have been the owners of the diamond ring she had found. Come to think of it Elizabeth could almost picture the ring on the wife’s slim finger. She explained the dilemma to Brandon and in his ever-understanding way he grabbed his car keys and his distracted girlfriend and they ventured from the house to the bakery to retrieve the ring. Once she had taken the ring from the safe at the bakery, she handed it to Brandon. He delicately placed it in his pocket and Elizabeth hopped back into Brandon’s red Civic and they headed toward the main street of the town. They found found a parking spot outside of the bed and breakfast and rushed to the front door.

At the front desk Elizabeth inquired about the couple she had met earlier that day by describing what she remembered about their features.

“The woman was thin with a straight smile. She had blonde hair and was maybe 35 or 40. The man had glasses and was clean shaven. Maybe a little older than his wife.”

The hostess typed a couple of characters into the computer and frowned. She informed Elizabeth that the couple she had described were the Knoxs from Michigan. They had checked out and headed back to Michigan that evening around 7pm. They thanked the hostess for helping them and with her head hanging low Elizabeth tried to think of a plan of returning the ring to the couple. They headed back to Brandon’s car. As Elizabeth went to open the passenger door, Brandon put his hand on the door to stop her.

“I think I figured out whose ring you found, Elizabeth.”  Brandon said sweetly. He led Elizabeth back from the car by the hand.

“I came in to the bakery this afternoon when you ran to the grocer. Abigail was working the counter. I was checking on your schedule in your office to ensure that you did not have any catering events or arrangements that might keep you from dinner at my place.” Brandon started.

Once again Elizabeth felt bad for turning up to dinner late. She apologized.

“It’s no problem really. I wanted to be sure that nothing would keep you because tonight is a special night. I worked so hard to make a relaxing dinner for you and I had planned to spend some time watching your favorite cooking programs. This is not the ideal way I wanted this to happen. I had planned on doing this in the serenity of my home, but…” Brandon got down on one knee in front of Elizabeth on the grass in front of the inn. He reached into his pocket and pulled out the ring that Elizabeth had handed him in the car.

“I might’ve told Abigail about my plan when I was at the bakery today. She asked to see the ring and clumsy me must’ve dropped it when putting it back into my pocket. When you were in the bakery tonight retrieving the ring from the safe I checked my coat pocket and it was not there. When you handed it to me in the car I breathed a sigh of relief. Elizabeth, you found your ring. This is for you. You’ve been so worried about finding the owner of this ring and the owner is you.” He held out the ring.

“Will you marry me?”

All fiction writing on this site is originally written by TheAmeriBritMom. All rights to these pieces is reserved for the author. It is unlawful to reproduce or plagiarise this work.


Do Not Neglect Progress

“All scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness so that the man of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.” 2 Timothy 3:16-17

Scripture Saturday

When I first became a mom I struggled a lot with making time for myself. Who am I kidding? I still have a difficult time stepping away from all that needs to be accomplished in my life and take time to focus on me. I am a very check-list oriented person and I spend a majority of my time working through my priorities each and every day. There was a time where I unintentionally allowed my own personal time with God and the Bible to falter in order to make time to throw in a load of laundry or to grade some papers that I had been putting off.

I have come to recognize the importance of beginning and ending each day with some time alone in the Word and prayer. This was a habit I had formed in my singlehood and even the early stages of our marriage, but as many mothers can atest to I became a little overwhelmed with my schedule when I had someone so dependent on me for every thing. I became so occupied with other people and what I could do for them, and lost sight of my own needs in the process.

Well, lesson learned. Those were some of the most trying times of my faith. I struggled with so many issues that had I been reading the Bible regularly or been seeking God for wisdom on a regular basis I know I would never have dealt with. I was exhausted and what I needed the most was to be refreshed and refined by God. The passage I quoted above shows just how important it is to read your Bible and be in constant relationship with God. We need the Bible because it teaches us, rebukes us, corrects us, and trains us in righteousness. If we neglect the opportunity for these things to be done in our lives we neglect progress.

Exactly fifty days ago I began a journey to make regular Bible reading more of a habit. Overall I have been doing much better the past six months than I have in two years, but starting fifty days ago I had a set time and place to take a few minutes away for myself. And I stuck to it EVERYDAY. I drink a cup of coffee every morning so I have planned that a great compliment to my favorite part of morning routine would be the addition of Bible reading and prayer. The results have been tremendous. I find that starting my day in the Word before anything else that I am not only more productive, but my focus is on the right thing and it is a lot harder to be struck down by the enemy. I am seeing victory over some of my biggest personal struggles and I have a more positive outlook.

So my challenge to you, dear followers and viewers, is to find something that you are neglecting in your life and set a time and place where you regularly work on that specific thing. Try to consistently follow your plan for fifty days and document the progress you are making in your own life. Progress will be made.

Make time for yourself+make time for God=PROGRESS