Benefits of Keeping a Prayer Journal (Repost)

A crucial part of my blogging routine every day involves taking a look at the content of other blogs to which I subscribe. I brew a perfectly crafted mug of coffee from my Keurig and sit down on my comfy couch to scroll through the new posts in my WordPress Reader and e-mail from the blogs that I visit and enjoy the most. Oftentimes this process inspires me when it comes to topics for my own posts and also I am motivated by the success of other bloggers.

In the right-hand margin of my page you can find some of the posts that I like which is updated daily when I read through the new posts for the day. I’ve decided to begin featuring some of those posts here on my page every couple of weeks. There are so many talented writers and gifted artists out there. This is an opportunity for my subscribers, followers, and friends to hear from the people who inspire me by reposting those articles that I’ve found informative and worthwhile.

Today my repost is an article by Rachel Wojo called Benefits of Keeping a Prayer Journal.


Rachel Wojnarowski is a Christian author who inspires me daily through her blog posts about choosing God everyday. Recently her blog has been centered around anxiety and worry which has really helped me through my own personal journey. The post I am featuring, however, deals with keeping a prayer journal and the benefits of doing so. If you are someone who is already in the habit of keeping a list of prayers this post offers some strategies to make it more meaningful. If you do not currently have a prayer journal of your own this article makes a strong argument for creating and keeping one.

In the past, I have done well to write down my own prayers. It’s helped me to keep focused on my particular requests and provided a means for recording when God has answered prayer. However, in the past few months I’ve found that my prayer journaling has lacked depth. Here and there I may jot down a thought or an idea I don’t want to forget, but I’ve not written much beyond that. This article has motivated me to not only write my requests and prayers with more focus, but has also given me new ideas to revitalize the journaling that I already do.

Please click over to Rachel’s page and take a look at this article.

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