I Took the Leap of Faith

Dear fans, followers, and friends,

I have finally done it. I have sent off some of my writing to publishers!

For so long I have had a goal of one day publishing some of my writing and today I woke up and decided it would happen. I’m starting smaller and sending short articles out to some of my favorite magazines and online journals in hopes of someone taking a chance with me. I don’t have much beyond this blog to use as a reference, but I am confident that someone somewhere will find what I have to say relevant to them.

I set a goal that I would focus on sending out writing samples to five publishers each month and my prayer is that God will put my writing in the hands of someone who will see value in it. One reason I have not done this before now is because I’ve been fearful that I haven’t reached writing perfection, but the more I read and the more I study the writing field the more I realize there is no such thing. (If there were, then the need for editors wouldn’t be there.) I know that if I waited for perfection I would never end up sending out a manuscript or article to any publisher. Fear of failure is crippling, but this is an act of victory over fear on my part.

So today in a moment of ambition and prayer I made my first submissions in commitment to my goal. Please join me in prayer that a goal of mine may someday be realized and that God’s gift of writing to me may somehow reach people in a way that it never has before. I will keep you updated as I hear from publishers with both good and bad news. I anticipate that the road to publishing is paved with rejection, but my prayer is that despite the numerous rejections I am bound to receive that God will align my path with the right organization for using me as His tool.

Thanks for reading my blog and joining me as I pray for God’s will.

5 thoughts on “I Took the Leap of Faith

  1. How exciting!! Congratulations!! I have to say when I first started following you I was so surprised when I found out that you hadn’t been blogging that long. I really thought you had been doing it for a long time because you write so well. I have read a couple of writings that you have posted on here and I thought they were great! Best of luck to you and I can’t wait to hear some good news!


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