The Big 2-5!

Happy Birthday to me. Today I turn 25. A quarter of a century has passed since the beginning of my existence. I’ve come so far and achieved so many of my goals for myself over the past year. (This blog is a fruit of some of my previous goals.) I am looking forward to spending this day with my family. My husband has been out of town all week (and missed our anniversary), but luckily he’s back in time to celebrate today with me. Since our anniversary and my birthday are within the same week we have started our tradition of celebrating them separately. With our anniversary we do a date night just my husband and I. With my birthday the plans include something more family friendly. As long as the weather cooperates we will be heading to the Columbus Zoo today for some family fun in the sun.

My mom’s birthday was yesterday and we re-established an old tradition. When I lived at home we used to do a brunch/lunch on her birthday to celebrate both of our big days. It hasn’t happened in a while so we decided to re-establish this idea this year. Over a month ago I made reservations at Cooper’s Hawk Winery at Easton in Columbus in anticipation for our birthday lunch.



Overall, I am very thankful this year on my birthday. I’m thankful to have my husband back after being gone for the week in Washington DC.


I’m thankful for my daughter who is so kind, intelligent, and beautiful.


I’m also thankful to begin my summer vacation with lovely weather.


Some of my goals for 25:

1. Continue working on my blog and sending out writing to publishers monthly. Also, in the writing field finishing a manuscript.

2. Running a 5k

3. Creating and following through with a health and fitness plan

4. Teaching a creative honors course designed by myself which features exploratory learning

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