A Book Review: Prescription for Ratings: The Contestants

One of my first unique opportunities from blogging arrived earlier this month. I took part in a review of a short story that is being released today in the Amazon store. My role in this was reading the story before its release date and creating a review to be shared via Amazon and other book review sites. This short story is part of an series of shorts about the dystopian society, City-State, and also includes and anthology. Please take a look at my review below and use the link to purchase if it interests you. I met the authors of this short story through blogging, and their writing future seems promising. Please help me support these up and coming writers.


Prescription for Ratings: The Contestants

By: Kaisy Wilkerson-Mills and James Courtney

“This was my initial experience with the dystopian nation of City-State and I must say I’ve been hooked. The authors have done a superb job creating a level of emotional attachment to the characters and I look forward to reading more about this fictitious society. In this particular short story the reader learns about the ways in which the government controls the entertainment realm. If you enjoyed The Hunger Games trilogy you will also find delight in this story where members of the broken society are pinned against each other to the death in a publicly televised program. Check out this latest installment about the nation of City-State.“-The Ameri Brit Mom

If you are interested click here to see this short story in the Amazon store.

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