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I am taking a new step in this whole world of blogging. For about a month I’ve been researching link-ups and how they are valuable in growing your blogging community. Essentially a link-up is when you join other bloggers and write on a similar topic. You share your blog posts with one another and begin conversations via a host site. After the idea of joining a link-up was decided upon I sifted through so many groups and topics that closely resembled my blog personality. I settled on a link-up called Five Minute Fridays. From what I can tell this link-up values faith and writing. Two things that speak so much to my soul. Each week the host of the link up (Kate Motaung) posts a topic and those joining the link-up write for five minutes on that topic. I’m really excited to get going in my first ever link-up. I hope to meet many new bloggers who share my passion for both writing and faith. Blogging is such a blessing and has taught me to be courageous in so many aspects of my life. So without further adieu…my first link-up:

Topic: Dream

When I was younger I used to dream of this. I remember closing my eyes and picturing the life I have now. I wanted to be happily married with a family I’m crazy about and doing something I love for a living. For so many years I worked so hard to achieve those things for myself and here I am. Life is better than anything I could have ever imagined.

My husband is a great guy who keeps me laughing and on my toes at all times. He may get a little crazy about basketball sometimes, but let’s face it his passion for his dreams push me toward my own. He is a great dad who is always supportive and present. I love having the same schedule so that we can be so active together in the life of our daughter.

In my early dreams I don’t know that I would have thought I’d be a mother of an almost three year old by my twenty-fifth birthday, but sometimes God’s plan is better than my own. I can’t imagine life without my inquisitive and fun-loving toddler. She makes me smile and adds a little more purpose to each day.

I recently finished my fourth year in my current teaching position. I’ve been so richly blessed in this profession and I’ve grown and developed so much in that short amount of time.

Some days I know that I lose sight of my dreams. I get hung up on the day-to-day mundane tasks and forget that this is the life I waited, trained, and studied for. The last thing I do every night is take a look at these dreams that I’ve accomplished and I say a little prayer of gratitude. Life is nothing if we can’t dream. And dreaming is believing that you can do it. At times, my dreams go unrealized, but that’s when I remember that God is a bigger dreamer than me. Sometimes those dreams line up and other times I have to trust that His are better than mine. It’s such a blessing to reflect and see in hindsight how God was dreaming divinely even when I couldn’t understand it.

Keep on dreaming!

3 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday Link-up

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    To get me through these final weeks of my grad school I will be turning to some older posts. I hope that if you have been with me from the beginning this will be a fun trip down memory lane. And if you are new to my blog it is a great way to see some of my more popular posts from the past.

    This post comes from June 2015 and is my very first Five Minute Friday. I am still a part of this beautiful community of bloggers and I come back week after week for the inspiration I find on the pages of my counterparts.

    Check out this post…even if it is six years old:


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