3 Quote Challenge: Churchill

Over the past several days I have had the privilege of being nominated to complete the 3 Quote Challenge. I was nominated by Autumn at Welcome to My World and Liv at The Inspirational Dreamer to post a quote a day for the next three days and write about that quote and what it means to me. As I am in England vacationing and visiting with my husband’s family I found it to be only fitting that I should focus my three quotes around a British theme. I have chosen my three quotes from three of my favorite famous British figures: Winston Churchill, Jane Austen, and Princess Diana. I look forward to sharing these quotes and some of my own thoughts with you over the next three days.

So I will begin today with a little wisdom from good ole Winston Churchill. He was a brilliant man. My students sometimes refer to him as my “boyfriend” because I teach World History (a great deal of which is British history) and I have several quotes and photos of Churchill up around my classroom. Today, while milling around Eastleigh, the town where my husband was born and raised in England, I came across this quote and decided it was fate and I had to write about it today.


This quote was given shortly after Churchill became Prime Minister in England in May 1940 and was the official call to arms against Germany. With this statement England found itself at war with Hitler’s Nazi Germany. This heroic statement meant that  England was joining the fight against fascism and Churchill was beginning to prove that he was a leader that would stand in defense of others in order to aid in the fight against dictatorship.

To me, this statement can be profound in its application to our lives. In our society it is so easy to become an individual bare of any community involvement. However, it is when we band together with others like us that we are able to best move forward. We should come to the aid of those in need or oppressed the way Churchill called England to do. In living life in a community of helping one another we can accomplish vastly more than mere individuals.

Today I’d like to leave you with a thought. I am no Churchill, but I’d like for you to think of a way that you might be able to come to the aid of someone else. How might you help those in need or those oppressed? I won’t call you to arms or battle, but I do call you to action. Think of a person or a group today and find a way to help them out. It could be as easy as visiting a lonely relative or as trivial as giving spare change to a beggar on the street. Whatever it may be that comes to mind I call you to kindness and generosity today.

As always thanks for reading and I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend!

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