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3 Quote Challenge: Austen


The second of my British quotes comes from author, Jane Austen. Without meaning to I sort of selected quotes all relating to kindness and action. One thing I like about this quote is that it calls to action. It challenges me to reflect on what I profess and think and causes me to think about ways in which I can live them out.

One thing I profess is my faith. I talk about it. I blog about it. However, I am convicted about how often I live out my faith through my actions. Faith should speak for itself through my actions without the need to be spoken. People should be able to tell that I am a Christian based on my actions and I wonder just how often that is the case. I’m not perfect and luckily the Bible doesn’t tell me that I have to be, but today I’ve reflected on how well my faith speaks through my actions.

Matthew 7:16a says, “You will recognize them by their fruit…”

This means that my life should speak for me. When Jesus said this he was warning about false teachers. He warned his listeners to take a look at the actions or proofs in someone’s life before accepting their teaching.

My prayer today is that my life and actions would show that I am a Christian and love Jesus. I know that Jane Austen was not a particularly religious person, but this quote is speaking to me on a faith-based level and this post is all about what this quote means to me. My questions for my readers today are:

1.What are your actions proving?

2. Is your action defining you in the way you would like it to?


Just a quick note about our trip in England. Today we visited with my husband’s nan and family in Dover on the coast. It’s turned a bit rainy, but we managed to still have a great time in Dover visiting. We were also able to arrange a play date for Arianna and her cousin, Lexie, which went extremely well. I hope everyone had a happy and safe Fourth of July. It’s not quite the same without the fireworks, but I suppose the English choose not to celebrate the day America gained independence.

Thanks for stopping by. Check back tomorrow for my third and final quote challenge post.

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