3 Quote Challenge: Diana

What is it about us Americans and our obsession with the royal family? So many of us have fallen in love with the royals and keep up with their lives and happenings. Most recently, this past weekend baby Charlotte was christened and as I am in England I was contacted by several family members and friends about watching the christening on television (and no, I did not attend the ceremony.) There’s just something romantic and exciting about modern day royalty and since America lacks its own royal family we turn to the next best country: England.

As a child I remember following the story of Princess Diana. From a young age I knew about Prince Charles and Diana and the scandal involving Camilla. I crushed over Prince William (sorry, Harry). I even was a bit sad when Kate Middleton married into the family crushing any hope for me. However, my husband has me feeling like British royalty often enough.

I recall watching Princess Diana on the television and in interviews quite regularly as a child. She was so beautiful and always dressed so well. She seemed very down to earth and she was such a kind and philanthropic woman. When I was seven years old I was at a wedding on August 31, 1997 (also my younger sister’s 6th birthday) when I received the horrific news of Diana’s death. Although I was young I understood what a terrible loss this was for England. She had done so much good and was a great role model for women everywhere.

Today I wrap up my 3 Quote Challenge with a quote by Princess Diana. For those of you just starting to read through my challenge I am in England visiting with family so I chose three British figures for my 3 quotes. So here is the quote of the day:


I have chosen this quote of Diana’s because it relates so well to what I have been writing about over the past couple days. It does well to summarize the kindness I discussed on day 1 and the impact of action on day 2. This quote discusses the fact that our motivation to do good should not be selfish. Kindness should not be done in order to receive anything in return. We should be moved to act kindly by the mere fact that if we were in someone else’s position we would appreciate the kindness of another.

Diana led a life that was a great example of selfless kindness. I strive to achieve this kind of attitude for myself.

As my 3 Quote Challenge comes to a close I would like to nominate three new blogs to carry on the challenge. If you should accept the nomination you are challenged to examine a quote a day for three days and post about each of them. You must share the quote and then allow that to prompt your post for that day. My nominees for the 3 Quote Challenge are:

1. Between Blue Rocks

2. Book Club Mom

3. Way Off Script

I hope you have find my quotes and thoughts insightful.

I’ve really been enjoying my time in England. I’ve been blessed with an awesome family of in-laws. The Sisleys are a great clan and we always make so many memories during our stay.

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