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British Summer Style

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Experiencing summer in Ohio and summer in England are two completely different things. I’ve come from 80-90 degree temperatures to ones closer to the mid sixties. A typical British summer is often similar to early spring in Ohio. With this massive change in temperatures I’ve been on the lookout for a fashionable pair of pants, or trousers as the British would call them.  I’ve brought quite a bit of spending money this year because one of my favorite activities is shopping in England. I don’t often splurge on myself, but while in England I enjoy a couple successful shopping ventures. This week I visited the West Quay in Southampton and scored this outfit. I love the pastel colors and I’m very fond of the mint/pink combination.

I wore this new ensemble to our first date since arriving last week. My husband and I woke up this morning and walked in to town for a coffee and lunch date. As always I’m having my fair share of coffee in England. Eastleigh, where I am staying, literally is lined with coffee houses I could go to a different coffee shop everyday for the entire stay and never repeat a visit. I quite fancy Costa coffee, but there are other enjoyable places as well. This outfit was fun and comfortable for the date. It was light and airy during the ten minute walk to the town center.


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