Five Minute Friday: Hope

Once again I am late posting in the UK for the Five Minute Friday. Last night my husband and I had a date night to The Harvester and we watched our first movie in the cinema  this year that was not made by Disney or Pixar. We’ve really enjoyed our trip this year. It is beginning to wrap up and it is sad really. Our family in England is so nice and helpful. It’s always a great time.

The topic this week is hope. Check out the rest of the link up here to see other posts on this topic.


Hope is a feeling one cannot shake,

If you live in hope you’re not easy to break.

Hope is remembering through all the pain,

That there is always sunshine after the rain.

If your life is hopeful and your eyes on the goal,

There is really no limit to where you can go.

Keep on hoping when things seem rough,

And you’ll come to learn that hope is enough.

Hope to defeat whatever lies in your way,

Hope to accomplish your desires one day.

Hope to surrender to whatever looks like defeat,

When you lay it all down at your Saviors’ feet.

-The Ameri Brit Mom

This is a short little poem about what I’ve been learning about hope in my own life. Last week I had the privilege to speak with one of my husband’s friends who was paralyzed from the neck down in a sudden and tragic accident. He spoke about the necessity of hope to make it each day. Through everything he has remained hopeful that his life has purpose and that one day doctors may find a way to make him walk again. When I think of hope today I am brought back to that conversation and I realize that if he can have hope in his situation then I have no excuse for not having hope in my life and my circumstances. God has given us eternal hope through the gospel. That truth gives me hope that I can overcome everything in my life that may seem insurmountable at the time. We can rise above with hope on our side.

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