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A British Wedding Scrapbook

Last Friday I had the honor of attending the wedding of Phil and Rosie Lane. Phil is one of my husband’s closest friends and even though they’ve lived apart for six years they continue to have a strong friendship. So strong in fact that my husband was the best man in the wedding. Arianna was also one of the flower girls for the wedding. She really enjoyed the day and looked adorable. She was joined in her duties as flower girl by her friend, Summer, the niece of the groom. It was such a lovely wedding. Phil is such a great guy who deserved to have a beautiful wedding. Back in 2009, Phil spent a year in America at the college where my husband and I met. During that time I got to know Phil well. We also were able to be in NYC with Phil and Rosie the day after their boat cruise proposal. They are a great couple and we wish them the best in their next phase.

Below is a sneak peek at some of the memorable moments of the day.









IMG_1167 (1)



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