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I made it to the end of my first week of school! It’s been exhausting, but so rewarding. I can already tell this year’s students are going to be a lot of fun. So far, 100% of them have participated and that type of engagement is hard to come by in a high school classroom. I’m counting that as a win!

This week, I am joining the Five Minute Friday link-up and our prompt is View.

A sunset view out of a window. The colors are vibrant and beautiful.

I have a dear friend who is suffering. Watching her wrestle with ailments and health issues at such a young age is breaking my heart. My view of the impact this is having on her reveals only a fraction of what it is like to live with these symptoms. She is living with the cloud of a diagnosis weighing on every thought and decision. I cannot imagine how that kind of weight feels.

But for me…

Fear is a very tangible feeling right now. It is heavy. It is thick. It is in my mind constantly no matter how much I try to ignore it. I try to change my point of view, but the shadow of fear is still there.

This week is crucial. And as we wait for a diagnosis and we pray for the best, I have faith that whatever is ahead can be conquered. I’m choosing to have hope despite all odds. That doesn’t mean that fear is absent, but it does mean that I choose to view this journey as just a detour.

The road is still in view ahead and there is much to still be traveled.

*Please join me this week in sending thoughts and prayers to my amazing friend!

The Ameri Brit Mom

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Today at Covenant…Suffering

This week Pastor Travis Davenport of Covenant Church in Grove City continued leading us through Romans 5. Today’s message was part of the sermon series Friends With Benefits. This portion of scripture is rough especially for those currently going through a tough circumstance, but that makes it even more important to be aware of the benefits of a friendship with Jesus. It’s when those tough times strike that we need him most in our lives.



Therefore, since we have been justified through faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ, through whom we have gained access by faith into this grace in which we now stand. And we boast in the hope of the glory of God.  Not only so, but we also glory in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope.

Romans 5:1-4

Suffering is a part of every journey with Christ. Sometimes suffering marks the beginning of our journey. Sometimes suffering occurs frequently on our road maps. But one thing is for sure: we will all face suffering of some kind in our lives. It’s easiest for us to thank God for His many blessings than to be grateful for the tough places he makes us wade through, however this passage highlights the necessity of those troubling moments in our faith. We love it when God chooses to listen to the prayers and answer them according to our will, but we need to remember that God is more concerned about our eternal state than our benefits here on Earth. Sometimes his answers don’t align with what we think they should, but that usually means that he’s allowing this testing to happen for a greater purpose. And those greater purposes are outlined here in the passage above.

In the pit of suffering the last thing we want to do is throw any type of party (except maybe a pity party.) So there is a struggle in comprehending verse four when Paul says to, “(rejoice or) glory in our sufferings.” The one practical piece this verse gives to us is a look at the importance of perspective when it comes to suffering. When we can stand up to the testing of our faith in the face of struggles we set off a chain reaction which reaps eternal benefits. (Oftentimes this is the purpose of the suffering we face.)

The Chain Reaction-

  1. Suffering leads to endurance
  • the Greek term for endurance means single-mindedness/focus
  • the act of suffering eliminates distractions in our lives
  • our time and money accumulate distractions, but the circumstance of suffering takes value away from things which formerly distracted us from God.

2. Endurance leads to character

  • character is proven through testing
  • once character has been tested the result is proven and genuine
  • you can take control of your suffering by controlling how you allow it to affect you

3. Character leads to hope

  • Hope is a conviction or confidence in an end result
  • our hope is rest and peace with God
  • our suffering removes any competition for our hope
  • suffering shows us that the only thing that will truly fix our situation is Jesus and proves that our hope is in eternal life with Jesus not in anything of this world.
  • there is no rest in any other outlet

So know that if you find yourself in a dark place struggling to keep your head above water that God has in mind your eternal benefits over your Earthly ones. It is not an easy message to digest especially in the midst of a large struggle, but if you endure, prove your character and place your hope in God then the benefits of those choices will far outweigh any other option.

The Ameri Brit Mom

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Hope Eastleigh


This past weekend my husband and I had the truly humbling experience of taking part in the Hope Eastleigh event in his hometown. Eastleigh is the town in England where my husband grew up. It is a burrough of Southampton near the south coast. For this event many of the churches within Eastleigh banded together to bring their town various opportunities to encounter the gospel over a two week time period. This event is known as Hope Eastleigh. During this time period several activities are established for various groups of people. Members of the churches get involved by volunteering their time to get out and evangelize to the community.

On Friday they provided a tea tent in the town square for the elderly to get a cup of tea and chat with the volunteers. This provided a means for presenting the gospel to that group of people.

The majority of those who were reached through Hope Eastleigh were met during their Saturday Family Day. In the town square there were dozens of free bouncy castles, children’s games and crafts run by volunteers from the churches. My husband shared his basketball ministry and testimony on stage during this time. The entire day was meant to draw people to conversation so that they might come to know Christ as a result. It was truly inspiring the way that the churches came together in order to see life change in their community.

IMG_1253 IMG_1256

Sunday there was one church service held in a tent on the town square. Over ten congregations met together to worship God in an open location. The tent was overflowing with people and some who were in town became curious about the service and wandered in as well.

This next week we will be returning to America and will be unable to take part in the second week of Hope Eastleigh, but it is the follow-up week where Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday there will be evening services housed in different churches. Each service will present a different part of the salvation story with opportunities to meet Christ for the very first time.

What I find most inspiring about the Hope Eastleigh event is that there is no competition between the churches. All work together to see authentic change in Eastleigh. So often when churches resolve to work together their plans are thwarted by their differences. It is truly special the way that these churches focus on their similarities and work toward a common goal. It was so humbling to be in a place where Christianity and faith are in such decline, but to see people living out the gospel the way that God intended: with unity.

1 Peter 3:8: Finally, all of you, have unity of mind, sympathy, brotherly love, a tender heart, and a humble mind.


Five Minute Friday: Hope

Once again I am late posting in the UK for the Five Minute Friday. Last night my husband and I had a date night to The Harvester and we watched our first movie in the cinema  this year that was not made by Disney or Pixar. We’ve really enjoyed our trip this year. It is beginning to wrap up and it is sad really. Our family in England is so nice and helpful. It’s always a great time.

The topic this week is hope. Check out the rest of the link up here to see other posts on this topic.


Hope is a feeling one cannot shake,

If you live in hope you’re not easy to break.

Hope is remembering through all the pain,

That there is always sunshine after the rain.

If your life is hopeful and your eyes on the goal,

There is really no limit to where you can go.

Keep on hoping when things seem rough,

And you’ll come to learn that hope is enough.

Hope to defeat whatever lies in your way,

Hope to accomplish your desires one day.

Hope to surrender to whatever looks like defeat,

When you lay it all down at your Saviors’ feet.

-The Ameri Brit Mom

This is a short little poem about what I’ve been learning about hope in my own life. Last week I had the privilege to speak with one of my husband’s friends who was paralyzed from the neck down in a sudden and tragic accident. He spoke about the necessity of hope to make it each day. Through everything he has remained hopeful that his life has purpose and that one day doctors may find a way to make him walk again. When I think of hope today I am brought back to that conversation and I realize that if he can have hope in his situation then I have no excuse for not having hope in my life and my circumstances. God has given us eternal hope through the gospel. That truth gives me hope that I can overcome everything in my life that may seem insurmountable at the time. We can rise above with hope on our side.


Fiction: An Untitled Teaser

The following is the first chapter of a manuscript I’ve been working on. The story is developed way beyond what is published below, but I’d love to hear what you think about this teaser. 

He had been here over fifty times before. This journey had been made once a week for over one year. The path between his shelter on Third Street and Saint Mary’s Church basement had become second nature to him. Kurt Robinson had walked this way in the frigid snow, pouring rain, and glistening sunshine; however, no trek had been quite as glorious and memorable as today’s. It was May 15th and Kurt had now been sober for one year.

Living on the streets made this clean up difficult for Kurt. Previously alcohol had been his one true escape from the reality of his homeless situation. It had helped him to forget his surroundings, failures, and past. Most of all his loneliness was never more apparent to him then when he was standing on a dark city street emptying his stomach of its intoxicating contents. There were various times during his days of drinking where he had woken up in an unfamiliar part of town with foreign buildings and faces. Times like those left Kurt wondering how he was still alive, and why he had chosen this life over the one he had left behind.

Despite his numerous dark and trying hours, Kurt could now proclaim victory over his vice with the triumph of hitting this major milestone. As the sun hid behind the highest cloud, Kurt approached the heavy oak door at the back entrance of Saint Mary’s Church. The quaint church was settled into one of the city’s poorest blocks amid decaying brick houses and vacant duplexes. With one of the only basketball courts in that section of the city, rough young kids played pick-up games at all hours in the back lot.

As he pulled open the heavy doors, Kurt was overwhelmed by the familiar smell that greeted him as if it had been locked up inside the church waiting to escape. The smell was a mix between incense and mothballs. The lighting in the back corridor was dim, but the light was protruding from the doorway to the stairs in the basement. Kurt walked toward the light then made his way down the stairs into the basement. Six people had already gathered and were congregated around the refreshment table in the far east corner of the Fellowship Hall.

“Kurt! How was your week, man?” His sponsor, Ron welcomed Kurt’s arrival. Kurt nodded acknowledging the address and moved toward the table furnishing iced tea and water alongside styrofoam cups. Ron was an outgoing and philanthropic sponsor. He had been there for Kurt during his darkest hours of temptation. In a way, Ron’s own story of transformation proved to Kurt that there was hope. Hope to overcome addiction. Hope to achieve dreams. Most importantly, hope to get off of Chicago’s streets.

Outside of the support group, Ron was a computer programmer at a very successful software development company. He was extremely intelligent and often discussed his career throughout support meetings. Had Ron been around in the 1970’s, Kurt was sure he would have been a part of the hippie movement. This opinion was based on several of Ron’s passions and Kurt’s observations. Ron was one who grew untamed dark facial hair, was constantly sporting flannel tops, and was dedicated to charity and service.

Although Ron was only thirty years old, he was wise beyond his years. That’s what overcoming addiction does to you. Kurt always found hope in the fact that his sponsor could sympathize with him. He had faced his own addictions and achieved victory. If this journey had taught Kurt anything it was appreciation for others. He had a deep appreciation for his always-loyal sponsor, Ron.

As Ron approached Kurt in the church basement, Kurt noticed a new attendee following close behind.

“Carlos, this is Kurt. Today is his one year rebirth day. We are all so proud of him here. He’s come a long way.” Ron put a friendly arm around Kurt’s shoulder as Kurt nodded at the newly sober Carlos.

Carlos extended a firm hand forward to shake with Kurt. His dark eyes sunken into his caramel-colored skin proved to Kurt that Carlos was still dealing with the physical effects of addiction.

“Congrats, man. I’m sure you have a bunch of people who are proud.” Carlos muttered in a rich Cuban accent. This statement hit Kurt like razor blades to the heart. He couldn’t think of one person outside of the support group who even cared enough to ask about Kurt’s progress.

After several minutes of small talk around the petite refreshment table Kurt had learned about Carlos’ background. Carlos came from an immigrant family. They had migrated from Cuba during the reign of Fidel Castro. He had become a citizen of the United States ten years ago, but struggled to support his family without formal American education. He had learned much of the construction trade from his own father, but the economy was bad and steady work in the construction business was hard to come by. He had once juggled several part-time jobs at a time to support his family.

Carlos had a heavy build, caramel-colored skin and dark espresso eyes. His English was magnificent for someone who migrated later in life as Carlos had done. He seemed nice enough to Kurt; however, Kurt knew that the grip of addiction could ruin any life no matter how good or bad. Being a long time member of the program Kurt knew not to pry into the events that had led to Carlos’ dependency on alcohol or its effects on the family that Carlos had worked so hard to support. He would allow Carlos to reveal his life piece by piece, just as Ron had done for him over the past year.

It was easy to keep to himself and cling to his own story like a life raft: not wanting to let go. Only he could completely understand his choices and his past. It took strength to finally open up at the support group and reveal his empty and lonely life.

Along the way he had made some friends, though very few were still a part of the group. Some had succumb to relapses while others had completed their court-ordered number of appearances and then disappeared. None had sustained sobriety to the level that Kurt now had reached. That’s what made today such an anticipated milestone to Kurt. He had made his commitment and in spite of physical and emotional trials he had reached his goal of twelve months sober.

Sitting down to commence the meeting, Kurt reflected to himself on his vivid transformation over the past fifty-two weeks. He recalled memories of himself one year younger walking into this very church basement for the first time in his life with nothing but the clothes on his back to his name. He was lonely and empty, but ready to rid himself of the monster he had created. Although he had progressed little in the area of possessions that year, he had gained inspiration and confidence in his ability to take back control of his life. He was a changed man.

Kurt took his place in the circle of chairs in the center of the Fellowship Hall. He had chosen the seat to the left of Ron. The others began to file into empty chairs. Ron opened up the meeting as he always did with his own description of the group’s purpose.

“Together we can harness the beast that is addiction.” He started in his gentle, yet theatrical tone. “It’s not always easy, but I’ve come to learn that there is strength in numbers…”

He continued to explain how many had been freed from their violent and angry pasts through this very program, and how self-discipline could accomplish anything. Next, the members of the group introduced themselves and gave a brief overview of their personal journeys starting with the man on Ron’s right.

Just as Kurt had difficulty opening up to his troubled peers so also did each of the others present. Their monologues were brief and usually consisted of their first names and the time that had elapsed since they had last drank.

“My name is Anthony. I’ve been working to stay sober for five months.”

“I’m Emily and today is one month since my last relapse.”

“I’m Collin. I’ve been trying really hard, but I broke down and drank with an old buddy this week.”

“Hello, I’m Carlos and I have been sober for two weeks.”

Kurt was last to speak in the circle. He stood to his feet when it was his turn to speak. With as much confidence as the poor man could muster he said, “My name is Kurt, and I have been twelve months sober today.”

All fiction writing on this site is originally written by TheAmeriBritMom. All rights to these pieces is reserved for the author. It is unlawful to reproduce or plagiarise this work.


My Hope



What a hallowed day. This day is a celebration of life and the one who overcame death. At its very essence this day holds the promise of hope. Hope that if we believe and repent we may enter into the freedom that God has for us.

2 Corinthians 5:21- God made him who had no sin to be sin for us, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God.

Luke 24:46-47- He told them, “This is what is written: The Christ will suffer and rise from the dead on the third day, and repentance and forgiveness of sins will be preached in his name to all nations beginning in Jerusalem.”

Personally, this Easter has followed the theme of hope. I already knew, but was reminded that having accepted Christ into my heart that I have that same power living in me. Jesus had victory over death. He was the only person in history who was able to defeat death. He was not limited by death, but rather used death as a means for saving humanity. With the reminder of this principle I am also reminded that I am more than a conqueror of all things through Christ. (Romans 8:37)

These ideas give me hope and if you have accepted Jesus you should be full of hope as well. Life is full of storms. We all face them. However, it is a great reminder to remember that no matter the circumstances we face that we have the power of the greatest conqueror on our side. I’ve been battling some of my own issues and even just this week I’d begun to lose hope in a solution for my circumstance. I never once lost belief in an all-powerful God, but I’d begun to lose hope in his willingness to see me through.

These verses and principles coupled with some wisdom from godly influences have helped me to realign my focus and thinking. I’m continuing to believe that God will intervene in my life to prove me a conqueror over my circumstances. He will do the same for you in your circumstance. His will for us may not always look the way we imagine it to, but God is always in the business of furthering His Kingdom. That is hope enough for me. I can trust and rely on the fact that whatever the reason God has for bringing me to a rough situation it is ultimately to further His Kingdom. I have faith that even the worst situation can be used to bring God glory. So…I’m rethinking my whining and waiting and instead choosing to focus on this HOPE. God will bring me through and He has a plan for everything.

It was so liberating to spend this beautiful holiday with this new perspective. I was able to play, laugh, speak and think a little freer. I was able to relax and enjoy friends and family as God intended me to. I was able to knock down the walls keeping me from total happiness and live in the victory of Jesus.

I hope you were able to experience this freedom today and will continue to. If you’ve never had an encounter with Jesus I’d love to chat with you more about how He could change your life the way He has changed mine and my family’s.

Happy Easter 🙂