View: Five Minute Friday

I made it to the end of my first week of school! It’s been exhausting, but so rewarding. I can already tell this year’s students are going to be a lot of fun. So far, 100% of them have participated and that type of engagement is hard to come by in a high school classroom. I’m counting that as a win!

This week, I am joining the Five Minute Friday link-up and our prompt is View.

A sunset view out of a window. The colors are vibrant and beautiful.

I have a dear friend who is suffering. Watching her wrestle with ailments and health issues at such a young age is breaking my heart. My view of the impact this is having on her reveals only a fraction of what it is like to live with these symptoms. She is living with the cloud of a diagnosis weighing on every thought and decision. I cannot imagine how that kind of weight feels.

But for me…

Fear is a very tangible feeling right now. It is heavy. It is thick. It is in my mind constantly no matter how much I try to ignore it. I try to change my point of view, but the shadow of fear is still there.

This week is crucial. And as we wait for a diagnosis and we pray for the best, I have faith that whatever is ahead can be conquered. I’m choosing to have hope despite all odds. That doesn’t mean that fear is absent, but it does mean that I choose to view this journey as just a detour.

The road is still in view ahead and there is much to still be traveled.

*Please join me this week in sending thoughts and prayers to my amazing friend!

The Ameri Brit Mom

7 thoughts on “View: Five Minute Friday

  1. Fear’s a raging stallion
    just around the bend.
    Fear is a companion,
    and fear can be a friend.
    Fear is sometimes seen as sin,
    a night that does not hold a star,
    but fear can make us look within
    and find out who we truly are.
    Fear’s gifts can hold heavy cost,
    and strips away the fluffy trite
    to burn with shredded skin and dross
    to leave us standing bare and bright.
    Fear’s the anvil and the flames
    by which we mortals learn our names.


  2. I’ll pray for your sweet friend. My best friend is struggling with health issues and an unknown diagnosis which in ways is even harder and more scary. Please pray for her as well…for her therapies and for me to support her as a friend.

    I’m glad your school year is starting out well. Thank you for teaching that age! My oldest is in high school as well. Our teachers are gems! So thankful for each of them. Looking forward to “OPEN house” online next week!

    Off to be with him before school. It’s 6 a.m. EST USA. I’m sure your days start early also! Prayers for our students to engage with our sweet teachers!
    Jenn, FMF neighbor


  3. I definitely will pray for your friend. And for your own courage and calming of fears as you walk the road alongside her. What a gift to have friends who will do just that with us! Here’s to a wonderful school year:)


  4. I’m glad you had a good start to the school year. That must be empowering. It’s certainly good to have a hopeful view of the journey ahead with all its uncertainties. Praying for your friend as she receives her diagnosis. Thanks for sharing. Kath, your FMF neighbour at #18 this week.


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