On Being a Writer: Surround

I am currently taking part in a link-up that will be posted twice a week for a little over a month discussing ideas from the book On Being a Writer by Ann Kroeker and Charity Singleton Craig. To visit the link-up pop on over to Kate Motaung’s page, Heading Home, and check out other bloggers’ writings on a similar topic.
Today’s topic is Surround: 
When I write posts on my blog I oftentimes write about whatever has stolen my attention on that particular day. Some days that means I blog about a book that I’m reading or have just finished. Other days I write about activities my family took part in. At other times I may share a recipe I found on Pinterest or a DIY project that I’ve been working on for my home.
My blog posts always reflect whatever it is that I’m surrounding myself with. If it seems like my topics are widespread it is because I’m passionate about so many things, but the idea that ties every post together is my passion and desire for writing. I blog because I love to write and though my inspiration varies my motivation and reasons for blogging do not. I am a Christian-Wife-Mother-Teacher-Writer-Homeowner-Friend and that is why my blog explores so many topics. I can’t just write about one of those aspects because all of those things make me who I am.
Some ideas I would like to tackle in my writing life would be some more short, creative stories. In order to make that happen I first need to be reading more and taking time to develop my ideas in a more orderly fashion. I’m not the best at collecting my ideas in a nice and neat notebook or file. I think in order to do more creative writing projects I will need to be more adamant about taking time to cultivate topics and ideas. I will also need to put myself in state of mind where I am searching out inspiration as opposed to waiting for it to hit me.
One of the most inspirational places for me to write is at a coffee shop in my hometown. Some of my most focused and productive writing has come from sessions at this cafe. I think whenever I hit a dry patch in writing I need to take some time to myself and venture out of my home to find that inspiration. I also do well to write in serene spaces. Packing up my laptop and traveling to the Great Outdoors is a great way for me to get inspired.
What inspires you? What can you surround yourself with that will make you a more focused and passionate writer? 

11 thoughts on “On Being a Writer: Surround

  1. hi ameri:) i think we met last week. i’m your next door neighbor. i’m in the habit of stopping here first b/f i browse. i enjoyed your post. gave me some ideas for other places to write my posts:) i have written in a coffee shop b/f when our electricity went out. but not on a regular basis. never did it outside. might be fun:)

    did you ever think of putting spaces between your paragraphs? it makes the reading so much easier. just a tho’t. maybe it’s just not your thing.


    1. Martha, I’ve actually always done that but for some reason I’m having trouble with WordPress. I’ve contacted them but with no response yet. If you know any tricks let me know. I’ve heard that depending on browsers that sometimes this function can get messed up. Not quite sure. But thanks for continuing to read my conglomerated mess. I appreciate it!


      1. I was having problems with that myself and someone suggested hitting the enter key twice, in essence putting two returns or lines in between paragraphs. That seems to work most of the time. This morning however, it was messed up again, so I backspaced until all my text was run together and then did the two returns and it worked. Hope this helps you.


  2. My faith and family inspire me to write. I participate in the Five Minute Fridays, and I recently started a chapter of blog posts each about our youngest son’s feeding disorder. He’s six years old so I’m reflecting on what this journey was like year after year. It’s been very good for me to capture my memories, and apparently a lot of other parents have the same struggles with children who are very restricted in their diets. Organization is something I need to work on though too! It’s fun to write, but organizing it takes more time an energy. Glad to pop on your blog from the link up at K.M’s. Have a lovely week! I’m in Chapter Four now of the book…need to think on my post for today. Jenn


  3. So much inspires me to write too. And I blog about a lot of stuff too because they too make up who I am. If I left out one part of what I write about, I would be leaving out a part of myself. Not good! I like writing outdoors or in a coffee shop too, but so often I end up just writing sitting on my couch.


  4. Love the way you write. Love that you’re going to get more intentional about your writing! (I definitely would like to read short creative stories from you, as you have a lovely writing style).

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