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The Write Space

As I wrap up a month full of creative writing I am thankful for the writing space I have created for myself. Prior to this month I did a majority of my writing on the couch while my daughter played around me and with the background noise of television as a distraction. As I’ve grew to be a little more serious about writing I became determined to set up a routine that would be more conducive to a creative frame of mind without also robbing my daughter of precious time with her mother.

I created a small and simple office in the corner of the guest bedroom upstairs. It’s a room with natural light and full of possibility. However, instead of wasting my creative energy on making the room a perfect conglomeration of design and decor I opted for a simple space that provided all the necessities for fueling my creativity. Currently this room is fairly un-decorated compared to the  rest of the house and I find that working in an environment of minimalism is best for me. This space is a perfect retreat when I need to think. With the door shut it can be as quiet as I like it to be. And I’m also not distracted by bright colors or loud decorations.

My routine of writing has picked up a bit. As I mentioned in my post, Novel Update, I am stepping up my writing game between now and January 1 so that by the turn of the year my novel is totally drafted (round 1). Although my writing is demanding a little more time I’m also stubborn and refuse to let that time affect my daughter in any way. I am conscientiously choosing writing times that coincide with naps and her sleeping schedule. I am able to be present in the beautiful moments with her while still getting the time I need every day to knock out a couple thousand words of my novel. It’s a perfect setup.

So today I am thankful for a family who supports me in my goals, the opportunity to work on creative projects, and the space I possess for getting lost in my story.




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