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A Writing Contest

To those of you in my writing community I wanted to tune you into a writing contest opportunity that I am taking part in over the next three weeks. This is a short fiction contest put on by Joe Bunting, editor of the blog, the Write Practice. I find this blog and forum to be really helpful to my writing and experience as a newbie who enjoys writing as a hobby.

The contest is entitled Anniversary Contest. Here are some of specifics for those of you who may be considering getting involved:

  1. The first draft is due by December 29th. It must be submitted to the workshop where other writers will have an opportunity to read, edit, and critique your writing.
  2. The final draft is due by January 5th.
  3. It is $20.00 to enter.
  4. The theme is Creatives (your story must have a character who is a writer, painter, or poet who faces a major conflict.)
  5. The length is capped at 1500 words.
  6. All entries submitted via the workshop before the December 29th deadline will be published on the Short Fiction Break. Two runners up will receive $100 and the winner will receive $300.

If you are someone who loves to write and looking for a little motivation or if you are like me and want to be a part of a writing community be sure to check out The Write Practice and more of the guideline for the contest. I enrolled this morning and am looking forward to the opportunity to meet more writers and receive feedback from the community of people who share a similar interest with myself. Let me know if you sign up!

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