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J.Crew Puffer Vest

Today is the first snow day of the school year! The temperature is bordering a -20 degree windchill and all of the area schools decided to give students and teachers a break. My husband just started working in the same district as I do so we broke out into a brief hallelujah chorus when our phones rang with the good news this morning. We have a few snow day traditions which include baking, drinking coffee/hot chocolate with our daughter, lots of reading/writing, and not going outside of our house AT ALL for any reason.

In light of these cold temperatures my post today is a look at my new vest I received for Christmas.

This J.Crew Factory Channeled Puffer Vest is in navy. Originally the vest was $98.00 at the J.Crew Factory, but is on sale currently online for $48.99. Click the link for more details.

I love this vest because it is so versatile. It looks great with long sleeve t-shirts, sweaters, flannel, and even some of my long-sleeved dresses. It is also incredibly warm. The pockets are large enough to house my hands when I go outdoors, because my hands are always the coldest part of my body by far.

Photo credits go to my three year-old daughter who may have a future in photography 🙂



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