My First Contest!

Well, I’ve officially outdone my expectations.

Over the Christmas season I took part in my first ever writing contest. While the judging is still taking place my piece has been published to the Short Fiction Break website. I’m not looking to win any award for this piece because there are so many awesome submissions. Short fiction is a difficult beast. You have so much to accomplish in a minimal word count. My writing style is more geared to novel writing, but I did my best to meet the standards of short fiction.

My goal in getting involved was to give me practice in the writing process and to receive valuable feedback from other writers. Throughout the contest I documented the changes my story made. In draft 1 I focused on getting ideas down. Draft 2 was a more deliberate attempt at refining perspective and characterization. The final draft was a culmination of several things I had been learning from others in the contest workshop.

If you would like to visit my final version of Fan Mail Murder please click on the link, read the story, and then leave a comment.


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