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Prescription for Ratings: The Committee

About six months ago I was asked by a fellow blogger to read and review a short story installment to their anthology based on futuristic society of City-State. The first story was entitled Prescription for Ratings: The Contestants. On January 9th the authors released another segment in this series entitled Prescription for Ratings: The Committee. Below is my review and a link to the Amazon page where you can purchase the story for $.99.


Prescription for Ratings: The Committee

By: Kaisy Wilkerson-Mills and James Courtney

In this second installment to the Prescription for Ratings anthology, the characters of a publicly televised fight-to-the-death reality show begin to reveal the values of this society. Tyler is the youngest member of the committee behind the calling of the shots. New to his career in the medical field and with his own ethics still intact, Tyler struggles to make some tough decisions pushed on him by other members of this committee. Once again, this was written with much attention to detail. I recommend this short story for all science fiction enthusiasts who enjoy some of the recent best-sellers of the genre.

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