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My Fuel

As a full time mother, teacher, and wife I struggle with finding time for writing on the side. Writing has been a passion of mine for a while, but over the past year I have had countless opportunities to use my writing as a ministry. The idea alone that God has gifted me with the ability to use my writing to reach others fuels me to make it a priority. I try to write daily, however, many days writing is an after thought. It happens when chores, grading, cooking, bathing, and playing are completed. When my daughter starts to slow down, I turn on the coffee pot and prepare for my writing time. As much as I would like to nap as well, I find myself turning to coffee for the pick-me-up I need to make sure the writing gets accomplished.

Putting pen to paper can be quite the task after a long day. Some days the creative energy just flows, and other days it’s in need of some fuel. So naturally, I turn to coffee. For me, coffee fuels about 85% of all my writing. Rarely do I sit down to draft a blog post, work on my manuscript, or journal without the accompaniment of a warm cup of coffee. Most writing sessions begin with a good brew. Even as I write now I’m watching my daughter play while sipping on a medium-roast pour-over with two creams and six thousand packs of sugar.

Each of us has something we turn to when the creativity is just not there. Or the ideas aren’t flowing like a mad river.

What fuels you?



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