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Stitch Fix #5

I’m really excited to share some big Stitch Fix news with you. Drum roll, please…

Stitch Fix now carries shoes. And not just ANY shoes. They carry name brand and designer shoes. Spoiler alert: I received some of my favorite shoes in this month’s fix.

Although my stylist was feeling a spring vibe as she assembled my personal box it has been breezy and blustery here in Ohio. This weekend I tried to get some outdoor shots in my new fix scores because even though it was windy and cold it did look beautiful. The photos below were taken in the middle of a wind storm so needless to say, it was fun and interesting. Grace for my blowing hair would be appreciated 🙂

Before I reveal my pieces let’s discuss Stitch Fix for a moment. Stitch Fix is an online personal stylist program. As the customer you begin by filling out a profile about yourself and your sizes on the Stitch Fix website. From this profile a team of stylists selects five unique pieces and sends them in the mail on a regular basis (the duration of which you can decide).

There is a $20 stylist fee for each fix that ships to your home. That fee can be applied to any pieces that you decide to keep from that shipment. After that original $20 fee each time you only pay for what you want to purchase. If you choose to purchase all five pieces in the Stitch Fix box you receive a 25% discount on your order.

The Stitch Fix company encourages you to try on every item. Anything that does not fit or that you don’t wish to purchase can be returned in a prepaid priority mail bag that is sent in each Stitch Fix at no cost to you. You have three days from the arrival of your box to complete the online checkout and resend any items you do not wish to keep. In order to checkout you must visit your account on their website and comment about each piece. If you choose not to keep something write why that piece was undesirable and that helps the stylists find better options in the future.

If you are interested in giving it a try yourself you can CLICK HERE to create your own account and begin filling out a profile. (Please use the hyperlink above as it helps me earn a little extra credit on my account as well. Thanks!)

To start off my personal fix description I love how within each box there is always a personal note from my stylist. For this fix she discussed the spring appeal of each piece. She also gave me ideas about how to wear some of the garments.


Here is a look at my 5 items:

  1. Collective Concepts: Galen Printed Dress 



This dress is a lot of fun. The pattern is very bold and lively, and I like the cinch sash which ties on the side to highlight my figure. The fabric is of great quality. However, I ended up passing on this deal for the shear fact that this dress was entirely too expensive for me. I could never pay out triple digits for a sun dress with a clear conscience so this one found itself packed back into the envelope provided by Stitch Fix. That was a hard decision.

2. Loveappella: Dewitt Lace Sleeve Henley Knit Top



This piece is comfortable and perfect for layering. I really liked the fit of this top and look forward to wearing this versatile top throughout several seasons.


Yes, you read that right and your eyes aren’t playing a trick on you. My Stitch Fix sent me new red TOMS. I’ve mentioned before the importance of including a link to pinterest and social media for your stylist. Mine mentioned a recent blog post of mine about TOMS in an email. These were perfect and exactly what I was looking for. Of course these TOMS made the cut!

4. Just USA: Morrie Boyfriend Denim Jacket



This jacket brought a little warmth to the photo snapping, however, I already own an extremely similar jacket so I sent this adorable piece back to the factory.

5. Market & Spruce: Spencer Striped Jersey DressDSC00114


This dress is perfection. I love the navy and white stripe design, the light fabric, and the way it fit my figure. It showed off some of my best features and remained cute and modest. Also, this was the most inexpensive bit of the whole box so it was practically a steal. I cannot wait for the temperatures to get warmer so I can get some wear out of this fun dress. I also love that it can be casual or more sophisticated based on shoes and accessories.

So, as always I was extremely pleased with my fix. I ended up with three new clothing items which I love and am excited to wear as the weather reflects its true season in the future.

Which pieces were your favorite?

The Ameri Brit Mom

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