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Stitch Fix #6

It was a beautiful summery day when my newest Stitch Fix made its way to my doorstep. Eager to get packing for my summer vacation I anticipated the box’s arrival. I knew that my stylist would have some cute and trendy summer pieces picked out just for me and she was sure not to disappoint. Here’s a look at my sixth fix:

1. Rinald Front Pocket Blouse (Fun2Fun)

This sleeveless blouse was a perfect cut and style for my wardrobe. It is simple with its nautical anchor pattern and can easily be paired with countless accessories and bottoms. I think this shirt would pair well with last month’s TOMS to bring out a pop of color. Of course I kept this piece.

2. Elda Beaded Drop Earrings (Nakamol)

IMG_2677 (1)

These cute earrings were handmade by local Thai artists. Although adorable, I found it hard to pay $38.00 for a pair of simple earrings.

3. Becker V-Neck Blouse (Alice Blue)


This floral top was super cute and the pattern was a lot of fun, however, this is another piece that I sent back to Stitch Fix. I did so because of the fit of the top. You can’t tell too much because of the angle of the picture, but this shirt was really tight in certain areas and after a little wiggle test it didn’t prove itself as a comfortable piece. As a busy mom-on-the-go comfort is even more important than fashion. So after a quick change this shirt found itself in the return envelope.

4. Pedrine Keyhole Back Top (Renee C)


This fun navy and orange blouse was another great fit and adorable print. It paired well with the skirt which was also part of the fix. I could see myself wearing this top in many different ways so I kept it!

5. Devon Pleated Mini Skirt (Loveappella)

This skirt is pictured above under the Renee C top.You can’t tell too well from this picture, but the skirt was a bit too large for me. With very little effort it slid up and down my waist. Wearing this skirt in public would cause anxiety because I would constantly be afraid that it would fall down. I’m not sure if the skirt size just ran large or if I may have dropped a pants size because of recent workouts. I’m going to claim the latter even if that isn’t necessarily the case.

Overall, I got a couple of new pieces to add to my vacation suitcase. I look forward to creating fun outfits using my new tops from my sixth Stitch Fix.

If you are unfamiliar with Stitch Fix or are interested in learning more about the details, prices, and additional services check out My First Fix where I outlined the process in depth.

Also, if you are interested in giving Stitch Fix a shot use this link to give me credit for the referral.

Keep it stylish, readers!

The Ameri Brit Mom

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