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Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day to all of the amazing dads out there. Especially the dads in my life 🙂

First of all to my father–the man who taught me what a great dad looks like. He’s been ever supportive of everything I’ve done, a devoted grandfather, and a mean grill master. Although I’ll be missing out of the American Father’s Day traditions today I’m thinking about you from the UK and wishing you the happiest of Father’s Days.


Next, to my husband–who I’ve watched develop into a phenomenal father. From the first indication that we would be having a baby he has been nothing but ecstatic to take on the role. He does so much to provide for us and loves his family so deeply and loyally. Arianna is so lucky to have you as her father. Happy Father’s Day.


Lastly, to my Father-in-Law–a man who has taught me what is truly important in life. He keeps me from being too ridiculous and challenges me to do so much more than I would ever choose to on my own. He’s also done so well as a father for my husband and I have him to thank for the amazing man that I’ve been blessed to marry.


To all other fathers out there I wish you a very Happy Father’s Day!

The Ameri Brit Mom

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