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Afternoon Tea In a Posh Hotel

This year my lovely in-laws booked a Cream Tea/Coffee reservation for my husband and I for my birthday. Just before our departure for England I received an email invitation from my English family. This couldn’t be a more perfect birthday gift for me, the coffee lover.


We set out on June 16 for the quaint town of Lyndhurst. It’s one of those picturesque British towns that you see depicted on postcards or old movies. Because the city is nestled in the heart of the New Forest (a national park) it is also a large tourist stop. The streets are lined with cafes, pubs, and small shops. The skyline is filled with patriotic bunting (the triangular British or celebratory flags.)


We arrived a bit early so we took the time to tread about the cobble stone pavements. Stopping into a few shops we embraced the tourist role in the town. Just before our reserved time we made our way up a steep hill to The Crown Hotel.

Once checked in for our afternoon tea we were escorted to a small library room in the hotel. Almost immediately a tall waiter with a thick French accent took our drink orders. I broke the rules of a traditional tea by ordering a coffee, but in the end I was quite pleased with my choice. The coffee in England is generally stronger than the stuff I’m used to back home. I added a dab of cream and a sheave of sugar and a perfect cup of coffee was concocted. My husband was my date for the tea and being the natural born Brit that he is he ordered a black tea.


After our first cups were finished the waiter brought out a tray of assorted treats. We were served several type of sandwiches, small chocolates, pastries, scones, and cakes. Being as each treat was small you wouldn’t think that this would fill us up, but we were so full by the time we finished the tray that we decided a dinner would not be necessary that evening. Everything was lovely (except the salmon sandwiches because neither of us prefer to eat salmon.)


I can now tick a new item off of my to-do list. A posh afternoon tea was a remarkable time. Nothing beats a good coffee in a serene setting with the company of my husband. If you ever find yourself in the south of England I highly recommend an afternoon tea at The Crown Hotel in Lyndhurst.

The Ameri Brit Mom

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