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An Ameri Brit Brunch

There are so many things about England that I wish I could bring home with me. But meat, cheese, cakes, coffees, and people don’t fit well in suitcases and tend to raise red flags when trying to get through TSA. Every year as we settle back into our American life my husband and I always try to brainstorm ways to make our home resemble the life we love in England as well. In the past this had led to several changes to our routines and lifestyle. At the core of why we do these things is that we like the idea of raising our daughter to appreciate both cultures equally.

One thing we talked about while in England this year was recreating some of our favorite meals more often. A few British meals already comprise our regular meal schedule (British roast, cottage pie, apple crumble, yorkshire pudding, etc.) but not nearly enough. There’s a huge challenge there as many of our foods are extremely different, but we’ve done our best to create American versions of several meals. We call them Ameri Brit Meals.

In England, every Sunday after church, Sam’s father whips up a traditional British fry up. In America, we would call it brunch. It’s quick and simple, and all of the ingredients are readily available in America (although, let’s be honest American breakfast sausage will never quite equate with the juicy, pork sausages of England)

After investigating options we decided to give an Ameri Brit Brunch a shot. After church on Sunday we cleared our schedule to try out this potential new tradition. We were unsure how long it would take to cook everything from a traditional fry up. Here’s a look at the menu (inspired by my father-in-law, a former British navy chef):


From the opening of the first package until plates were on the table took about 30 minutes. The trick to this meal is getting everything cooked to perfection and ready at the same time. It was a warm and hectic half an hour, but everything turned out. It will take me a couple of weeks to perfect a fried egg the way my husband was raised to eat them, but it still turned out edible.


The Ameri Brit Mom

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