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An Ameri Brit Brunch

There are so many things about England that I wish I could bring home with me. But meat, cheese, cakes, coffees, and people don’t fit well in suitcases and tend to raise red flags when trying to get through TSA. Every year as we settle back into our American life my husband and I always try to brainstorm ways to make our home resemble the life we love in England as well. In the past this had led to several changes to our routines and lifestyle. At the core of why we do these things is that we like the idea of raising our daughter to appreciate both cultures equally.

One thing we talked about while in England this year was recreating some of our favorite meals more often. A few British meals already comprise our regular meal schedule (British roast, cottage pie, apple crumble, yorkshire pudding, etc.) but not nearly enough. There’s a huge challenge there as many of our foods are extremely different, but we’ve done our best to create American versions of several meals. We call them Ameri Brit Meals.

In England, every Sunday after church, Sam’s father whips up a traditional British fry up. In America, we would call it brunch. It’s quick and simple, and all of the ingredients are readily available in America (although, let’s be honest American breakfast sausage will never quite equate with the juicy, pork sausages of England)

After investigating options we decided to give an Ameri Brit Brunch a shot. After church on Sunday we cleared our schedule to try out this potential new tradition. We were unsure how long it would take to cook everything from a traditional fry up. Here’s a look at the menu (inspired by my father-in-law, a former British navy chef):


From the opening of the first package until plates were on the table took about 30 minutes. The trick to this meal is getting everything cooked to perfection and ready at the same time. It was a warm and hectic half an hour, but everything turned out. It will take me a couple of weeks to perfect a fried egg the way my husband was raised to eat them, but it still turned out edible.


The Ameri Brit Mom

The Date Jar

The Date Jar: Week 5 (Good Friday Happenings)

Today’s Date Jar consisted of three very different activities. All in a series of a couple of hours our family…

1. Ate brunch at Harvest Moon Cafe in downtown Canal Winchester

2. Completed our Easter basket shopping at Target in Grove City

3. Visited a horse rescue in the outskirts of Grove City

Like I said…very different adventures indeed.

Today is Good Friday. On this blessed day there is so much to be thankful for like how we have the death of such a sinless and selfless Savior for the lives of all humanity. I can’t think of a better way to spend and celebrate this blessed event than by spending time with my family.

As I do every day I woke up craving a good cup of coffee. With both my husband and myself off of work this morning we decided to sleep in a little and indulge in a delicious brunch to begin our day.

For months I’ve had my eye on a little organic cafe nestled in the heart of Canal Winchester. The cafe is called Harvest Moon Cafe. They boast about their natural foods and delicious coffees and after reading several reviews and enviously swiping through instagram photos published by friends I finally decided to take the family to try it out. I would describe my first impression as inviting and hipster. The interior of the cafe was pleasant with bright colors, natural wood tables, and one old original brick wall decorated with brilliant photographs of their menu offerings.


It didn’t take long to scour the menu in search of a coffee to wake me up. I ordered a Milky Way Latte (mocha and caramel). I was not disappointed…it was delicious.


For brunch I ordered a Tango Turkey sandwich which was lite and organic. The turkey sandwich was served on sourdough bread and included bacon, cucumber, tomato and a chipotle ailoli sauce. I loved the dressing that was on the side salad. Very tangy and delectable. My husband ordered his first ever Bison burger and he enjoyed that as well. It had half the calories, but more protein than a regular beef burger.


After we boxed up the uneaten food (because portion sizes were huge) we embarked on the next phase of our mission…Easter shopping.

The one thing our daughter asked the Easter bunny for this year: a kitty cat helmet. I know, strange, right? This request was purely in response to me telling my daughter that she may not ride her tricycle outside until she had a helmet. I love her, but she is prone to accidents. She has a bad case of getting too excited and falling over. This occurs when she is simply walking so as a mom I cringe at the thought of putting her on wheels and allowing her the freedom of the sidewalk. A helmet may help ease those fears.

Before leaving the house I ordered a helmet on the Target website. One of the coolest inventions is the in-store pickup. I was able to send the helmet to the Target I was going to visit and while one of us distracted our daughter the other picked up the helmet from the front desk and ran it out to the car. Very sly… I know.

We picked up a few more miscellaneous items, because who ever goes to Target and leaves with just one thing?

Then, we met our friend and daughter’s babysitter at a horse rescue not far from the Target we visited. Our daughter is huge fan of horses. We are planning a day for her to ride a horse near her birthday in September, but today we allowed her to get her feet wet in the equestrian world by feeding and grooming some of the tamer horses. Our sitter frequently volunteers at this rescue so it was lovely having her wisdom as neither my husband nor I are really too familiar with horses. I love that my daughter adores animals and I hope to help foster that love despite my own lack of knowledge and experience.

We are back home now and preparing to attend a local Good Friday service this evening. Overall, it was a fun day out full of new experiences.

I love to date my family. (Even when my daughter pretends to be not impressed with our busy lifestyle like in the picture below)