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Stitch Fix #7

It’s always a great day when I arrive home to a cute teal box on my porch. I know that within that box five pieces of adorable fashion and jewelry are just waiting for me to try them on. And I know I say this each time, but this was definitely my best Stitch Fix yet. I’m really starting to feel like my stylist and I are both on the same wavelength. It helps that I give her access to my Pinterest board and that I have opportunities to dialogue with her before each fix is sent.

Lately, I’ve had several people ask for details about Stitch Fix so here’s a quick reminder about the company and how it works:

What is StitchFix?: StitchFix is an online personal stylist program. As the customer you begin by filling out a profile about yourself and your sizes on the StitchFix website. From this profile a team of stylists selects five unique pieces and sends them in the mail on a regular basis (the duration of which you can decide).

How does it work?: In order to receive your fix you must first complete a personal survey where you list details about your unique style and preferences and answer questions created to make your experience with StitchFix the best it can be. Next, you can schedule how often you’d like to receive your fix in the mail. I chose to not over commit to something I was unsure of so I chose the option of receiving my box once every other month.

How much does it cost?: There is a $20 stylist fee for each fix that ships to your home. That fee can be applied to any pieces that you decide to keep from that shipment. After that original $20 fee each time you only pay for what you want to purchase. If you choose to purchase all five pieces in the StitchFix box you receive a 25% off discount on your order.

What if I don’t like something?: The StitchFix company encourages you to try on every item. Anything that does not fit or that you don’t wish to purchase can be returned in a prepaid priority mail bag that is sent in each StitchFix at no cost to you. You have three days from the arrival of your box to complete the online checkout and resend any items you do not wish to keep. In order to checkout you must visit your account on their website and comment about each piece. If you choose not to keep something write why that piece was undesirable and that helps the stylists find better options in the future.

If you are interested in giving it a try yourself you can CLICK HERE to create your own account and begin filling out a profile. (Please use the hyperlink above as it helps me earn a little extra credit on my account as well. Thanks!)

Here is a look at my seventh StitchFix:

  1. Kebede Mixed Material Chambray Top (Skies are Blue)

    This top is so adorable. I love the back and the detail on the front. I also love that it will pair well with just about any pants or leggings. It is both fun and casual, but can easily be dressed up with the right accessories.


    2. Jahana Cargo Vest  (Market & Spruce)

    I have been wanting a cargo vest for a really long time. I have struggled to find one that I love the way I love this one by Market & Spruce. Not only is this one beautiful, but it is longer than most I’ve tried on. I prefer for my vests to be longer than the tops I wear underneath to create a balanced layered look. Also, this vest has a hood which can be removed if desired. The pockets are deep. The waist is feminine. And I cannot wait until fall to wear the heck out of this vest. I love it!!


3. Finnegan Cuffed Short (Dear John)


These shorts were so comfortable. Made from a stretchy khaki fabric they were flexible and light. I loved the look, but unfortunately not the fit. These shorts didn’t get to join my wardrobe collection, but I did love them. It was a difficult choice, but they were a little too tight in some areas (mostly my backside).


4. Katniss Crochet Yoke Top (Fun2Fun)

How fun is the print of this shirt? I absolutely love it. I also love that this shirt could be worn with leggings, shorts, dress pants, or a skirt. It has so many options and is light and comfortable. I chose to wear it yesterday on a date night with my hubby, and then to a meeting with some former students about college. I love how versatile it is and I’m a sucker for a fun print.


5. Eloise Knit Maxi Dress (Gilli)

This Grecian styled Maxi dress was stunning. I loved the back of the dress and the fit at the waist. It was a bit long in length and a little over my budget. The style was so me, but I had to send this one back in order to keep a sound conscience. (I set a budget each time before even opening the box to be sure I don’t spend too much–its easy to do)


Which pieces were your favorite? Are you thinking about giving StitchFix a try? If so, be sure to use my link to get yourself setup!

The Ameri Brit Mom

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