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Two Announcements

Things have been really busy for me over the past week. From soaking up the last moments of summer to editing my novel to working on some really neat projects with my blog I’ve barely had a moment to relax. Today, I have two announcements regarding my blog and/or writing.

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Announcement #1: I am now a Stitch Fix Influencer (Affiliate) and will be featured this Saturday on their blog Stitch Fix Reviews. On Saturday, I will post a link so that you will be able to see my feature. Imagine my surprise when I opened my email last week with this news from such a popular brand! It was totally unexpected.

In addition to asking me for the feature, Stitch Fix asked me to apply to become an Influencer. I did, and I was approved! Essentially what that means is that I now have a special referral link which you can see is now on my sidebar menu. I will receive compensation per purchase made through my Stitch Fix ad referral. That may not seem like a big deal, but it truly is in the blogging world. To make the jump to blog monetization is a huge accomplishment that I never really thought would happen to me. So, thank you to all of you who have helped my blog reach the status necessary to earn even a little bit. To me it isn’t about the money. I’ve never been out to get anything from my blog, but it is so encouraging to see the numbers of people who visit and comment. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!


Announcement #2: I am getting a short poem published! Many of you know that I am a member of a blogging community called Five Minute Friday. A few months back I was approached by another member of FMF about including one of my posts in a book she was compiling. I was again surprised by the offer and of course I obliged. The book is almost finished and is set to release at the end of September. My contribution will be a short poem and a quote about the FMF community. Not only has blogging increased my IRL (In Real Life–for all of you non-bloggers) connections, but I have met some amazing people and had wonderful opportunities as a result of this blog.

If I would’ve known all these opportunities would arise from blogging I would have started years before I did!

In closing today I want you to think about your own passions. It may not be writing, but we all have something we wished that we had more time to do. I want to encourage you to pursue those things. Sitting down to write everyday is hard. Some days I have more time than others and can do several posts for the week. Other days I don’t write at all. Keeping this blog going has been hard at times, but it has also been incredibly rewarding. Take the time to figure out what you are passionate about and set some time aside to make it happen.

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