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Tales of the Injured Elbow


As I enter into my final week of summer vacation I find myself changing many of my plans. I had planned to take my daughter swimming everyday and to many parks in the evenings. I wanted to give her daily opportunities to soak up the sunshine while we still had a chance to do so together.

However, on Saturday morning I was on my way to a writing review session with my sister when my husband sent me a message: My daughter was swimming and popped her elbow out of socket and he was headed to the Emergency Room. (Not the message any parent likes to hear.) I contemplated turning back and canceling my meeting, but within a few minutes my husband assured me that the doctor had popped it back in to place and all was well.

She was tough and barely shed a tear through the process.

Later that night we got an invite to a pool party the next day. The voice in my head told me not to take my daughter because of the events of that day, but knowing that it may be one of her last opportunities to go to a pool party this summer I let her make that decision. Of course, she said her arm was fine. (After it was reset by the doctor she really didn’t complain about it.) I thought it was just some freak accident and we were out of the woods.

I think you all know where this story is going, right!?!

We get to the pool party and my daughter is off like nothing can hold her back. She’s swimming with cousins and having a blast when all of a sudden….yep, you guessed it–her elbow popped out of socket. She whined a bit, but didn’t cry. After a few minutes of dangling her arm and trying to pop it back into place ourselves we decided she needed to be seen by the doctor again.

We got her out of her purple Sofia swimsuit and headed toward the Emergency Room. Right as we checked in the doctor from the previous day came out and helped our daughter get her elbow back in place. This time, he wanted her to keep it wrapped for seven days and restricted her swimming and park play during that time as well. Seven days puts us right at the start of the school year so that means I will have to change my plans a bit to accommodate for her injury.

Before we were discharged from the hospital the doctor talked to us about Nursemaid’s Elbow. Now that her elbow has dislodged a couple of times it is more likely to happen again. That socket is weak and needs time to get stronger. It doesn’t take much for it to dislocate (a little hyper extension or a hit in the right place.) It’s a common childhood condition, but I had never heard of it before this weekend. If any of you have experienced this with your child I’d love some advice. We have learned how to reset it at home so hopefully we won’t have to head back to the Emergency Room with this issue again.

As my daughter rests, I’m working on new plans for this last week at home that will be safe for her little injury.

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2 thoughts on “Tales of the Injured Elbow

  1. My friend’s son has the same thing. I believe it did happen twice as well. After it happened a couple of times they have been in the clear for probably a year or so. Good luck to you!

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