Four Ways to Wear a Cargo Vest This Fall

The temperatures are currently hot and steamy here in Ohio. Even though summer is in full swing right now I can’t help but notice that the calendar says fall is on its way. With the start of the new school year only days away I’ve been playing around in my wardrobe with fall outfits.

A few weeks ago I received my Stitch Fix #7 and decided to keep my new Jahana Cargo Vest by Market and Spruce. This fall, cargo vests are going to be a staple in many wardrobes so I thought I would capture a few different ways to wear a cargo vest as we venture into the changing of the seasons here in Ohio.

Pair a cargo vest with…

1. A simple fall dress

2. Flannel

3. A loose Tshirt

4. A striped, knit top

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