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24 Book Challenge: A Book By An Independent Author

The following is a book review by The Ameri Brit Mom. This is book #10 from The Ameri Brit Mom 24 Book Challenge in 2016. This post expresses the genuine opinion and experiences of The Ameri Brit Mom and is in no way endorsed by authors, publishers, or outside influences.

Title: Dreamlander

Author: K.M Weiland

Publisher: Pen for a Sword Publishing

Copyright Date: 2012


Last fall I admitted to doing something for the first time in years in my post The Great Book Abandon. As an adult I’ve always had a hard time quitting a book before finishing it. I don’t do it often, but sometimes it has to be done for my own sanity and love for reading.

Before I even begin to tell you about Dreamlander I must admit that I didn’t make it to the end of the book. I blame my inability to stick with it on several things. I really hate to put a book down once I start it, but at the same time I was wasting my time putting off this book when I could have been reading something I really enjoyed.

Dreamlander started out really strong. Chris was asleep and somehow the things happening in his dreams seemed to be affecting his real life. Later, Chris learns that he has the power to travel between reality and the dream world and becomes an imperative part of the battle going on for power in the dream world. For the first fifty pages I was engrossed with Chris’ story, but after that point he enters the dream world and things got a little less exciting for me from that point on.

Reasons I chose Dreamlander: When I was working on my first draft of my novel I read a book called Structuring Your Novel by K.M Weiland. In her book she referenced Dreamlander often and it piqued my interest.

Reasons I abandoned Dreamlander: I’m not a huge fantasy fan (which is weird because several of my book challenge books this year have been fantasies.) I lose interest pretty quickly in a made up world if it isn’t done the way I think it should be. (I can be a selfish reader.) And this particular fantasy novel has over 1700 pages in its iBook form!

So although I didn’t make it to page 1757, I still count this book in my challenge. I do so because I spent a lot of time and energy working through this book and I learned a lot as a reader and writer from its pages. It can be just as hard to walk away from a book as it is to finish it sometimes, but in the end I had to make a choice. Sorry, K.M., I plan to give another one of your books a try in the future! You are a great writer. Fantasy just isn’t my favorite genre.

The Ameri Brit Mom


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