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Introducing a New Fashion Series

Some of you have noticed that I’ve been rather mute in the social media world this week. School has started and my daughter began preschool. I’m currently working on finding a groove that works for me in order to keep up with my school work, family time, and writing. Thank you for your patience this week. I truly appreciate it.

To make up for my lack of content this week I want you to know that behind the scenes I’ve been orchestrating a new project. This is something I really wanted to do last spring, but waited to commit until recently challenged by my superintendent to document the good, bad, and ugly about teaching.

Starting this past Monday I will have 180 days in this school year and I plan to document a little bit from each of those days. Some days all I will do is snap a picture of my ensemble for the day. Other days you may get a little peak into my life as a teacher as well as my wardrobe. I will not overload your newsfeeds with these photos and blurbs. A daily dose of The Ameri Brit Mom (Teacher’s Edition) would be a bit much. Instead, I plan to wait until Wednesdays to publish my musings from the past week.


As much as I love clothes I don’t have a huge budget. I like to make wise purchases and love a good bargain. A goal of this series is to empower women (and men) to stretch their wardrobes to get the most from affordable pieces.

In the photo above I am wearing an Irma Top from LulaRoe and coral jeggings from Walmart. The whole look was under $50.

I’ve been in love with fashion for many years. For me, it’s way more than looking presentable at work or social functions. It’s about confidence.When you put effort into the process of getting ready each day you set yourself up for a productive and positive day. Slopping a last minute outfit together ten minutes before leaving the house leads to a day of feeling rushed and slows down your momentum.

As a teacher I need every ounce of enthusiasm I can muster each day. As much as I love the job it had its tiring points. Teacher to-do lists are seemingly unending. Exhaustion comes with the territory, but is far outweighed by the meaningful connections made with students every day in the classroom. Instead of rolling out of bed and heading to school looking like a hot mess, I’m committing to starting my day with positive vibes.

Next Wednesday you will see my first week of Dressing and Educating. I hope you are looking forward to it as much as I am.

The Ameri Brit Mom


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