Hello, Muse–it’s been a while. 

For almost two years I’ve retired these pages producing no new content and reevaluating my identity as a writer. I’m still here. In fact, I never left. I faded into the background for a while, but I never went away. 

I stepped back to focus on personal projects, motherhood, and teaching. If I’m honest, writing has not been a priority. I finished my first novel, queried for a little while, and then gave up before really putting up a fight. A couple of rejections and I felt defeated and unqualified to join the race to publish. Lately, the nagging of those finished pages have been impossible to ignore. The muse within me is urging me back into the ring to continue the pursuit of my dream of being published. 

I’m here on the ledge of 2020 staring into a future of unknowns just like everyone else. I see the fog before us and the burning dumpster of a year behind us. In the flames I see the broken promises to myself and the sense of purpose that I let fade so I could hold myself and my family together in the strangest year the world has seen this century. 

It has gone on long enough. 

As I look into the fog I can see a year of fulfillment. Life on the other side of 2021 is full of promise and no regrets. It’s going to be a wild ride. Will you join me, Muse?

I guess I could call you my readers or friends, but right now you are so much more. Like a writer’s muse, you are the unnamed voices that bring me back to the pages and words that live within me. You are my inspiration and creativity. So if you don’t mind, I will be calling you what you are–my Muse. 

I am excited to start over on this journey. 

I have so much to tell you, Muse. There are so many places to take you and dreams to explore. Won’t you come along with me? 

The Ameri Brit Mom looks a little different now. It’s been two years so it’s time to rebrand. I’m still the mom who dreams of being an author, but I’m also so much more than that. I am the wife of a British man who has taught me what love, support, and simplicity look like. I am the mother of two beautiful girls whose hearts and emotions are larger than life. I am a teacher, a daughter, a disciple, a writer, a creative, and a friend. In this new year that lies before us I plan to show you all these views of myself. I plan to take you with me, Muse, so that you can help me to be the simple, transatlantic writer that I strive to be. 

So whether you are new here or have been waiting two years for another entry I am thankful for who you are and the time you’ve taken to join me, Muse. May we embark on this journey together of mutual growth and chasing after our dreams. Life is beautiful and good and we will come out on the other side of 2021 with an even bigger appreciation for our gifts. 

The Ameri Brit Mom

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