Let’s Catch Up

2020 hit us all differently.

I think we can all agree, though, that this has not been the year we anticipated when we crafted our goals and intentions last holiday season. I could rant about all the things I missed out on this year or all the ways in which 2020 killed my vibe, but instead I think I’d like to catch you up, Muse, on all of the good that came out of this unique experience.

1. ONE—My oldest daughter (ONE) is now eight years old and in second grade. She has done a fantastic job adjusting to pandemic learning. She has also begun competitive gymnastics which looks much different than normal, but is a lot of work nonetheless.

2. TWO—My youngest daughter (TWO) is now two years old. She is full of personality and sass. She is talkative and obsessed with the moon.

3. TEACHING DURING PANDEMIC– This school year has been interesting. I’ve taught fully online, hybrid, and in person. Currently I am a hybrid teacher, but that is always subject to change. I’m learning to be flexible, teaching with a mask on and taking it one day at a time.

4. GRADUATE STUDIES– In May, I began a graduate program at Bowling Green State University. I am seeking a Masters of English and I plan to conclude my program by this time next year. I’ve (mostly) enjoyed my courses. They are challenging me in my writing skills and goals and helping me to reach some of my long term goals.

5. NEW HOBBIES–To make it through the quarantine and Covid restrictions I took up some new hobbies. In April I bought a bike and we began taking family adventure rides. We also really enjoyed hiking and just about anything involving the outdoors. I also began urban sketching/painting. I love playing with my new water color set and taking it out with me to capture beautiful images. Another new hobby for me is WINE. I’ve always (kind of) been a wine drinker, but wineries have been an ideal, outdoor social options during a time when so many other date destinations are off limits.

6. TRAVEL–We were itching to get out of the house this summer and so we took several family trips to Gatlinburg, TN; Myrtle Beach, SC; and Geneva-on-the-Lake, OH. All of these trips were beautiful and full of lifelong memories.

7. NEW NIECE AND NEPHEW– In January, my nephew was born in Yeovil, England. He is so adorable and I cannot wait to snuggle him and spoil him once England is open for travel. In April, my third niece was born and we are smitten.

8. INVISALIGN–For as long as I can remember I have stuggled with confidence in my smile and crooked teeth. I finally decided in 2019 that I would correct this issue and I began a LONG Invisalign process. I finished this summer and I feel so much better about showing my teeth when I grin.

9. SISTER’S WEDDING–In October, my youngest sister got married. It was a small, but fun ceremony amongst the beautiful fall foilage in Hocking Hills, Ohio. As a family, we stayed for a weekend on the premises in cabins and enjoyed several days together with those closest to us.

10. THIRTY–I turned 30 this summer. There were no big parties or typical get togethers, instead my husband and I enjoyed coffee, kayaking, and some time just the two of us. I wasn’t sure how I would feel as a 30-something, but to be honest I feel great. My life is a beautiful collage of the things I love most and I spent most of my 20s making this happen. I’ll be forever grateful for that decade, but I am ready for this new adventure.

So the year wasn’t all bad. I have grown as an individual and had time to cultivate new skills and passions. I can’t possibly fill you in on all you missed, Muse, but I thought I’d give you a snapshot of the best things about 2020.

What positive experiences are you taking with you into 2021?

The Ameri Brit Mom

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