5 Podcasts I’m Loving…

Okay, Muse, I know that I am late to the game, but I have recently discovered the power of a good podcast. For years, my husband would put on a podcast while doing dishes, driving on longer trips or riding his bike, but I always thought--if I want to listen to something I want it to be music. I never really got the appeal of listening to other people’s dialogue [or monologues in some cases]. But I think this faulty mindset was due to the fact that I had yet to find a podcast that had something valuable to offer me.

This unique period in history has given us time to chase new endeavors, and when face-to-face interactions are infrequent I have found the desire to listen and learn from others growing. I began to search out some podcasts that spoke to me lifestyle and personal goals.

These five podcasts are some of the gems I mined in a wide sea of content. Allow me introduce you to some of the voices I’ve been listening to lately:

1. Brave New Teaching-This is the podcast that opened my eyes to what I had been missing. Marie Morris and Amanda Cardenas co-host this podcast for teachers. The focus is all about challenging the status quo in creating rigorous, research-supported, inquiry-rich classrooms. I needed these ladies this summer as I prepared for the return to in-person teaching. They encourage me and inspire me weekly. I have NEVER missed a Thursday release of a new episode. If you are a teacher I could not recommend this podcast more. AMAZING!

2. Proverbs 31-A faith based podcast where members of the Proverbs 31 team interview voices and authors from their communities to provide challenging content for their listeners. I like to listen to these podcasts like I listen to a sermon–with a pen, paper, Bible, and furious note taking.

3. DIY MFA-This is a writing podcast that interviews authors. Gabriela Periera is the host and creator of DIY MFA, a tool for writers to expand their skills and craft. I find the podcast to be inspirational. Hearing the stories of successful writers helps me to understand where I am in the publication process and gives me hope that one day my words may make it out in the cut throat world of publishing. It also helps me find contentment in writing for myself in the case that publishing isn’t part of my journey.

4. Serial– Created by This American Life, Serial is a true-crime podcast. In this podcast, each season examines a different crime using a journalistic approach. Facts are examined, interviews conducted, as Sarah Koenig seeks to get to the bottom of some of America’s most puzzling crimes. [side note: I am thinking about using a series of this podcast in my English classes and at the end of the series students have to write a persuasive piece explaining who they believe is at fault for the crime and why.]

5. The Minimalists–Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus host a podcast where they impart wisdom on how to create a minimalist lifestyle. I find this to be encouraging and liberating as I try to create a clutter-free, eco-friendly, minimalist life.

I am still looking for some inspiring podcasts so if you have any that you love, please share those with me in the comments!

The Ameri Brit Mom

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