No Words

Photo credit NPR

For a couple of weeks I have been struggling to put into words the anxiety and apprehension I’ve experienced. Navigating emotions in the middle of a pandemic in a politically polarized nation does not appear in any how-to book. So while I’ve wrestled along with the rest of my country I kept my words sparse and my opinions graceful.

Today as I watched President Joe Biden and Vice President Harris take the oath of office I felt the baggage I carried around begin to unhitch from my shoulders. And as I sat at my desk listening to a beautiful stranger recite her poetry at the inauguration I found the words that I couldn’t.

Amanda Gorman, thank you.

You reminded us of America’s rich history of resilience. You reminded us that color and status mean nothing when it comes to basic human rights. You reminded us of our calling as a country–to climb the hill before us in unity.

Thank you for sharing your words. They will not soon be forgotten.

God bless America.

The Ameri Brit Mom

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