Fix: Five Minute Friday

It’s Friday morning and I am sitting with my coffee and computer ready to join my friends over at Five Minute Friday for another weekly prompt. This is such an encouraging community where we write about a common prompt once a week. This week our prompt is Fix.

My husband has been working on fixing up an old car for us to sell. A few months back, our Chevy Trailblazer took her final journey with our family. She was no longer the reliable vehicle we needed her to be, so after a few short discussions we decided to purchase a new (but used) car. The Trailblazer sits in front of our house collecting snowflakes and dust. Occasionally, my husband drives her around the neighborhood to make sure she doesn’t actually die. When he gets a chance he goes out and does some work on her. His goal–to make her well enough again that she can serve another family.

This weekend it’s on the to-do list: Sell the Chevy Trailblazer.

When it became evident that we could no longer rely on this car I wanted to throw the towel in. Fed up with the runaround I wanted to scrap it or drive it to the nearest junk yard to live out her days among the heap of discarded nothings.

But my husband saw potential. He knew that our family could no longer benefit from the car, but that there are some out there that have been praying for a cheap car for their family. So hubby started to pour into the Trailblazer. He set out to fix her up and to give her a chance to run again.

Today, I feel a little bit like that Trailblazer sitting in front of my house. For a while, I was useless. I was scared, weak, and needed a strong jump start in order to be of any value. But God has been working on me. He’s been fixing my squeaky wheels and polishing me up to run again. He was never fed up. He never abandoned me.

Since the pandemic started I’ve had many highs and lows. I’ve lived through mountaintop experiences and I’ve dwelled in valleys that seemed to go on for months. I’ve discarded strong habits and I’ve used bandaids to fix what only a true Mechanic can repair.

I am that Trailblazer.

God has fixed me up. I am running again. I might not run as smoothly, but I can get from Point A to Point B with the help of my Driver.

My prayer is that just like the Trailblazer that I might serve others in their needs. That I may run with full power once again. That all the dust and snow would be cleared and that my destination would be reached. For God is the ultimate fixer.

The Ameri Brit Mom

7 thoughts on “Fix: Five Minute Friday

  1. Your post brought a smile this morning as in the early years of our marriage, my husband used to fix and then sell old cars to bring in extra income. I am so grateful that as our lives are in need of fixing, God tenderly and gently steps in and makes the adjustments as we submit to His care.


  2. Interesting metaphor; I’m using something similar, asking God to keep me going so I can finish the stuf I started for me wife before I die, and I am fading fast.

    Soup me up for one last run,
    fix me up to use;
    yeah, I know it won’t be fun
    but I need no pleasure-cruise
    ’cause pleasure’s over-rated
    and something of a bore;
    it’s for death I am fated,
    and you built me, Lord, for war.
    So pour me as libation
    and let us all drink up,
    for it’s liberation,
    this Gethsemane cup
    that Your Son drank from, long ago;
    pass it here, and make it so!


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