Capsule Wardrobe Update and Spring Capsule Reveal

Before you read this post, please check out my review of Courtney Carver’s book Project 333. In this post, I explain the principles behind my Capsule wardrobe and my commitment to live according to the Project 333 plan for a year.

In December, I did a complete clear out/pack up of my wardrobe and set aside 33 pieces that I absolutely loved. I lived for 3 months wearing only items from my 33 piece capsule. And guess what…

I thrived.

Now that I have made it through an entire 3 month period dressing with 33 pieces I have some insight to offer:

1. People notice what we are wearing far less than we think they do. It’s okay to repeat outfits! No one cares!

2. We waste so much time picking through clothes that we NEVER wear. Why not limit our closets to ONLY the things we actually wear?

3. It’s best to stick to a neutral palette so that we maximize our options.

4. We can still have fun dressing with less. Mixing and matching can open up so many possibilities that we never would’ve thought of when we had a closet full of unworn pieces creating clutter.

5. When we feel comfortable and love every piece we feel more comfortable and JOYFUL daily.

The biggest setback to this method is the increase in frequency of doing the laundry. You aren’t washing more pieces, but having all the laundry done weekly is imperative.

I am so excited to take these tips and ideas with me into my second capsule. Here’s a look at the template that I developed for my Spring 2021 wardrobe (in my bullet journal):

Setting up this second capsule took about 2 hours. Ohio’s spring weather added a layer of complication to the process because I had to consider what I would wear in March-May (a time period with a potential for a wide weather variation.) I started by grabbing the totes from storage of out-of-season clothes that I LOVE (because I donated all the pieces I don’t love back in December and kept only what brought me joy…Marie Kondo style!)

Next, I went through all clothes and organized them into the categories from my template like tops, pants, shoes, etc. I dumped it all on my bed. This is a tip from Project 333, because it forces you to get it done in one day. You must dig out the clothes to get to your bed before nighttime.

Then, I played around with outfit combinations taking style and colors into consideration and selected the most favorable pieces in each category. Playing a nice, relaxing playlist during this part of the plan is helpful.

Finally, I hung up EVERY piece. This part is crucial. When you can see each of the pieces in your capsule it makes the process of creating outfits quick, easy, and fun.

This is my Spring 2021 capsule. I am so excited to dress with less and to embark on another Project 333 journey.

Happy Spring!!!!

The Ameri Brit Mom

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