This Time Last Year…

Below is an actual entry from my Pandemic 2020 journal. In fact, it’s my first entry. As we begin to face the one year mark of the shut down I have been taking a look at how I have changed and developed over the past 365 days of life looking differently. Ironically, on the eve of this anniversary of quarantine, I received my second vaccine last week. It kicked my butt and made me pretty sick, but I am so glad I have the protection against the virus that rocked our world.

Here is a look at my very first entry. And cheers to the new normal not being our forever normal.

Date: Monday 3/16/20

Today is Sam’s birthday. And today the reality of this quarantine is setting in. As of yesterday, all restaurants are closed apart from pickup or delivery. All bars are closed. Schools are shut down until further notice. All in an effort to prevent the mass spread of the Coronavirus (Covid-19)

A week ago, we planned for Sam to be in England for his birthday.

We planned for gifts to arrive during his trip and I scheduled play dates and events for Spring Break with my girls.

Thankfully, Sam is home with us today. However, it has drastically changed our plans as a family. Unfortunately, the mail service is slowed by the lockdowns and many of his gifts have not arrived. I know that he was really looking forward to spending his birthday at home for the first time in twelve years, but I’m also very happy to not have to worry about when he will make it home.

We have a friend who is from Oxford, but lives in Pickerington with his wife and kids. He had flown home for a funeral, and was stranded in England for quite some time with his three year old son. It’s been a very difficult time for that family and their separation, but thankfully he and Ollie are on a flight as I type, and hopefully they will be home in Ohio this evening. I can’t help but think that it could’ve been us separated. And I have no idea how I would weather this storm without Sam beside me. I am so thankful that he made the difficult decision to stay and I vow to do all in my power to make today a special day for him because he deserves it.

Today is the first true day of quarantine. It has forced us to be grateful for all things as a family and has also forced us to be creative with how we spend our time. We are going on a driving scavenger hunt today (because it’s too cold to be outside and even the gyms/libraries are closed). Sam will pick lunch wherever we end up and we will get carry-out and eat in the car or outside at a park.

The days look different today than we imagined. This isn’t the Spring Break we planned for nor is it the Spring Break we would want, but our new family motto is, “We are making the best of it!” We are working to enjoy this time as a family. It’s time to slow down. Time to forget the hustle. Time to remember what is most important in life. Time to recharge. Time to love. Time to forgive. And time to remember that we are all in this together.

The Ameri Brit Mom

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