Disagree: Five Minute Friday

I’m joining writers all over the globe in a weekly link-up where we focus on a common prompt and share our stories with one another. While crafting each post, writers must stick to five minutes ONLY and writers may not edit/revise their original writing. Five Minute Friday is such an encouraging community of writers and together we are launching positive, authentic content into the world. This week our prompt is: Disagree.

A glass of wine. A good friend. And two helpings of good intention.

That is the recipe to a healthy dialogue between two people with contrasting views. Although, you could always substitute the wine for your beverage of choice (iced tea, coffee, water, beer). Whatever your environment might be it is imperative that each of us have settings and people in our lives that we can run to for challenging ourselves–people we can disagree with, yet still respect enough to call them ‘friend.’

We are living in a divisive time. The powers that be are telling us there are ONLY two sides. You are either ‘x’ or you are ‘y’. Is there no room for space between these letters? Labels are not written in cursive and the space between ‘x’ and ‘y’ albeit minute, is the space where we grow and learn and lean into each other.

Between ‘x’ and ‘y’ is where most truth lies.

If we come to a disagreement holding tight to our stance or beliefs and unwilling to hear from others and consider their perspective we really are not participating in a dialogue. We turn a deaf ear to their thoughts and we discredit their words before we even get a chance to process.

I want to challenge you today.

I’ve been going through a deconstruction of sorts with my faith. It isn’t a faith crisis and I’m not losing my faith in God. On the contrary, this deconstruction is leading me to challenge my own beliefs and to plant my roots deeper in faith. I’m challenging things I’ve been told and weighing them against what the Bible and more specifically Jesus says about these things. And as I’ve continued in this journey, I’ve come against disagreement. Some of those disagreements have been healthy like what I described above while others have been futile as a result of both parties.

All this to say–it is okay if we challenge each other. It’s benefical when we ask those hard questions to the people we are closest to. And it is important than when we disagree that we hear one another out and continue to dialogue in a way that is both respectful and uplifting and leaves both parties feeling heard.

The Ameri Brit Mom

3 thoughts on “Disagree: Five Minute Friday

  1. There is ‘x’ and there is ‘y’;
    no room, it seems, for ‘z’,
    and this is where we come to die,
    or so it seems to me.
    We’ve allowed polarization
    without a strong pushback,
    so very lethal for a nation
    that now has come to lack
    a common and united will
    to face the world together;
    the talking heads instead instill
    the diktat that it’s better
    to rip and tear at one another,
    for he’s too heavy to be my brother.


  2. I have to disagree on the wine. After all, my mother in particular, while well-intentioned, gets very emotional when she’s had alcohol and that gets our disagreements to get out of hand. Other than that, I definitely agree with you.


  3. You and I are kindred spirits here! There has been a bit of deconstructing in my life, as well.

    I love your words, “between x and y is where most truth lies.” And I believe that the more we question and doubt and dialogue, the more we benefit. Thank you! (Karen, FMF #6)


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