PiYo Week 1 Recap

(This is a non affiliate post and based solely on my personal experience using the Beachbody PiYo program developed by Chalene Johnson. Results may vary.)

As a gift for my birthday, my husband ordered me the DVD set of PiYo, a full body workout combining Pilates and yoga. I first heard about PiYo from an acquaintance who leads group exercise sessions. But it wasn’t until I was sitting at the beach over Spring break (unhappy with the way I looked in a swimsuit) that I really started looking into the program.

I was a runner in high school so my joints have taken a beating over the years. My draw to PiYo was its low impact, but high intensity as well as its following of people boasting in the results of the program. But PiYo is so much more than a daily body weight workout, it is also a diet consciousness program as well.

My DVD set came with a book that outlined a diet for my body goals and target calories.

One week into my PiYo plan I have already noticed:

-I am more flexible and able to complete the workout than when I began

-My cravings for sweet/junk foods has severely diminished

-Tracking my meals has made me more aware of the foods I am having too much or too little of

-My abs are getting stronger and more toned

-Each morning I wake up a little sore from the day before, but it isn’t too intense

Each week I plan to log a few details regarding my plan and how my particular results are progressing. I want to have a place to share the hard work I am putting in and I hope to celebrate the milestones along the journey. For me, the biggest goals I have set for myself are not numbers, but a healthier lifestyle. I’m a busy, working mom and my eating-on-the-go was getting out of hand. Through PiYo, I hope to develop meal planning habits that focus on nutritious choices and I also want to give my body the exercise it needs without the joint pain that often comes with strength workouts.

The coming weeks will prove challenging as I leave for a month in the UK tomorrow. Being outside of my own kitchen and surrounded by local foods to the UK will definitely cause a shift in my habits, but hopefully not in my progress. I am taking my PiYo DVDs and have ordered a multi-region player to arrive at my in-laws’ where I will be staying so that I won’t miss a beat. I’ll be starting my second week of PiYo with an early session before the flight and although airport food is less than ideal I feel that the program has equipped me to make the best choices possible no matter my environment.

If you have ever done PiYo or a similar program please let me know!

The Ameri Brit Mom

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