Quarantine in UK

After two years, we have finally been able to journey back to England. For the next five days we will be quarantining with my in-laws. The journey was long, but both girls did a great job en route. Meeting my nephew for the first time was a much anticipated event, but luckily he is getting on well with my girls and seems to have bonded quickly with my husband and I.

While we are in quarantine in the UK we have to…

-Self-test on day 2 and day 5 after arrival and send our tests in the post

-Receive a phone call daily from the UK Track and Trace Dept

-Stay at the residence we registered for on our Track and Trace forms.

If our day 5 test is negative we will be able to break the quarantine and move about the country freely. Until then, I will be sharing lots of photos of the family in the back garden and around the house enjoying the reunion and extra time together.

Baking a chocolate cake with Grandma
Snuggles with Uncle Sam
Cousin love

The Ameri Brit Mom

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