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Today I am joining the positive writing community over at Five Minute Friday for their weekly link-up. Each week we gather to write on a common theme. This week our theme is From.

A Letter FROM a Teacher on Back to School:

Dear Students,

It seems as though summer was over in the blink of an eye. The mornings of wolfing down breakfast (sometimes in the middle of the day) before hours of playing are coming to an end. The late nights are also numbered. Soon enough, you will be dictated by the schedule handed to you by an administration team. You will wake up at the crack of dawn or before. Bedtime will be moved up so that you have the energy for the next day. Summer is coming to an end, but there is excitement in the air.

Who will be in your class? Who is your teacher? Which supplies should you bring on the first day?

And for those of you beginning at a new building–

Where will your locker be? How far is it from your classroom to the nearest restroom? Will you get lost?

Our minds can get cluttered with a concoction of excitement and fear and it can leave some of us with nervous tummies or struggling to sleep the night before. It’s okay to feel this way. It’s normal, actually. But I wanted to let you know FROM a teacher that we feel the same way.

I’ve had to adjust my bedtime too. I can’t stay up watching my favorite shows like I did this summer and I have been setting my alarm a little earlier so my body isn’t in shock when we go back. I am still waiting for that schedule from my principal so I can start planning when I will have time to go to the restroom and when my lunchtime will be.

Who will be in my class? Who will my own children have as a teacher? Will I have enough supplies for all of my students? Will my room be set up before the first bell of the school year?

This is a season of uneasiness for everyone. We all have unanswered questions and I haven’t even mentioned the hot mask debate right now. Give grace to those around you whether they are students, teachers, or parents. We are all getting back into the swing of things and we’ve been through so much over the past couple of years. Remember all that when you walk through whatever lies ahead and do so with bravery and confidence. But also, remember we are all a little nervous. And it’s okay.

*Please pray for me, my kids, and my school district. We begin classes next week.

The Ameri Brit Mom

5 thoughts on “From: Five Minute Friday

  1. From old McGuffey Reader days
    to apps upon the phone,
    I’d like to offer heartfelt praise
    to the one who stands alone
    before a sea of fall-term faces,
    some bright, some dull as rock,
    through those days whose only grace is
    moving hands upon the clock.
    But there are times that lift the soul,
    when young minds take a leap
    from knowing part to knowing whole,
    and that is what can keep
    one from taking stick to skull
    of “Fresh New Vision!” principal.


  2. Wow, can’t believe school is starting so soon–and in some places it has already. Summer was way too short. Back in the day, school didn’t start until September. (I’m dating myself.)


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