City: Five Minute Friday

Today I am joining the positive writing community over at Five Minute Friday for their weekly link-up. Each week we gather to write on a common theme. This week our theme is City.

Thanks to Covid the city has lost its appeal.

I miss the days of hopping in the car and seeing what we could get up to in town. With all the restrictions and all of the “hotspots” it makes a trip into the city one of the greatest opportunities to be at-risk.

I miss shopping in-person instead of through online portals and digital exchanges.

I miss strolling down busy streets, sipping coffee, and looking for good deals in storefronts.

I miss concerts and events in the parks and arenas downtown.

I miss dodging cyclists on the city’s walking paths.

Columbus is my city and I miss it so much. Crime rates are up and the city misses the people who came with a sense of wonder and enjoyment to its streets. I look forward to the day when we all return to life as it was before. I cannot wait to stroll through downtown with a cup of Stauff’s coffee (highlander grogg of course) while my hubby eats his Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream from a freshly made waffle cone.

One day this will all be over and we can return to our cities as we did before and enjoy the spontaneous.

The Ameri Brit Mom

3 thoughts on “City: Five Minute Friday

  1. One day this will all be over,
    put away and said and done,
    snapped full closed that heavy cover,
    and we can go and have some fun.
    But there are those who glumly say
    that we can’t be as we once were
    back in that unkowing day
    full-defined by ‘just before’,
    but “Fie!” says me, in full-throat bellow,
    “We are still who we have been,
    cheerful lass and hopeful fellow,
    and in spite of what we’ve seen,
    the innocence within each breast
    will make us, once again, our best.’


  2. Oooh. I miss so many of these things too. 😢 My city is Athens, a small college town. Every year since my husband and I have been in the area at Christmas, we’ve gone to our local symphony’s Christmas concert. Last year, it obviously was cancelled. I doubt it will be put on this year, either, especially since so many in the choir and audience are sweet elderlies. I miss it so much! Ugh.
    Thanks for putting honest words to all these feelings. Your writing is lovely!


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