September 2021 Bullet Journal

Last month went incredibly quick for me. I feel like I was just setting up my August pages and now here I am. There’s something to be said about the start of the school year and finding oneself in a time warp that launches you straight into fall. Because August was so busy there were a few pages that I didn’t use from last month as I’d hoped. With that being said, I am going very basic for September in hopes of being able to keep up and to keep it all functional for my busy, working-mom life. So without further ado…

Cover Page: Campfire Theme

As I said, this month I want to keep it simple. I went with an outdoorsy color scheme and kept my doodles to a minimum. I left some objects uncolored to keep with the simplistic theme and only colored those things that fell within my scheme.

September Calendar Page

I did some 5×5 boxes for this month’s calendar page. I’m not in love with the fire doodle (even though I used a step-by-step on Pinterest), but it just goes to show that nothing has to be perfect in your bullet journal.

Fitness Tracker

With plenty of space for my intended workouts I finished off this super easy spread with a campfire doodle.

Weekly Spread

This is my weekly spread that I’ve stuck with for a couple of months now. It is highly functional and allows me plenty of space to plan events for the week on the left hand side and tasks for the week on the right.  This type of weekly spread is heavily inspired by The Plant Based Bride.

The supplies that I used to create this theme and the spreads for September are Tombow dual brush pens (colors: 912 and 153), Flair pens in orange and coral, and my usual black Flair pen. The doodles were inspired by images found on Pinterest, but I added my own creative flair and colors.

Let me know what you think about these pages or if you have ideas for future spreads or themes in my bullet journal.

The Ameri Brit Mom

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