September 2021 Bullet Journal

Last month went incredibly quick for me. I feel like I was just setting up my August pages and now here I am. There’s something to be said about the start of the school year and finding oneself in a time warp that launches you straight into fall. Because August was so busy there were a few pages that I didn’t use from last month as I’d hoped. With that being said, I am going very basic for September in hopes of being able to keep up and to keep it all functional for my busy, working-mom life. So without further ado…

Cover Page: Campfire Theme

As I said, this month I want to keep it simple. I went with an outdoorsy color scheme and kept my doodles to a minimum. I left some objects uncolored to keep with the simplistic theme and only colored those things that fell within my scheme.

September Calendar Page

I did some 5×5 boxes for this month’s calendar page. I’m not in love with the fire doodle (even though I used a step-by-step on Pinterest), but it just goes to show that nothing has to be perfect in your bullet journal.

Fitness Tracker

With plenty of space for my intended workouts I finished off this super easy spread with a campfire doodle.

Weekly Spread

This is my weekly spread that I’ve stuck with for a couple of months now. It is highly functional and allows me plenty of space to plan events for the week on the left hand side and tasks for the week on the right.  This type of weekly spread is heavily inspired by The Plant Based Bride.

The supplies that I used to create this theme and the spreads for September are Tombow dual brush pens (colors: 912 and 153), Flair pens in orange and coral, and my usual black Flair pen. The doodles were inspired by images found on Pinterest, but I added my own creative flair and colors.

Let me know what you think about these pages or if you have ideas for future spreads or themes in my bullet journal.

The Ameri Brit Mom

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September Plan With Me: Bullet Journal Updates

August was a big month for me. I returned to work after a lengthy maternity leave, I arrived back in the USA after a month abroad, and my oldest daughter started kindergarten. With all of these additions to my schedule over the past thirty-one days I am pleased to say I stayed pretty consistent in my Bullet Journal routine.

Over the past few months my journal has been a refuge for me. Planning, scheduling, and making lists as a form of creative release has benefited me in so many ways. I worried that getting back into a busy routine would cause me to use my bullet journal less, but as I look back over my August pages I can tell that I still kept it a daily priority.

August Recap

I filled in my Habit and Anxiety trackers everyday! I also added a page for Arianna’s soccer season statistics and another for Bible Study notes as I read through the book of Jonah. I love the way these pages all turned out.


This month my pages were made using the following tools: PaperMate Flair pens, Veritas metallic glitter pens, Tombow Monodraw pens, brown and navy Cardstock, images from the Cricut Design App, and the Cricut Air 2.

September Theme: Football Friday Night


On my title page for this month I used some metallic pens in gold, brown, and blue to create a sketch of my theme. The school colors for my local team are gold and navy so I used those colors to set the scheme for the month. This is a simple title page that highlights my lack of sketching ability.


My weekly pages follow the color scheme for the month and include space for planning each day, journaling, and recording my meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I want to make sure that as the school year starts that I am still eating well and one way that motivates me is to keep record of what I am eating. Having to write down a horrible meal is reason enough to skip it for me. I used my Cricut to create embellishments this month. I’ve never used cardstock in my journal so I will see how well I like it.


This month my Anxiety tracker takes the shape of a goal post. I added the cardstock football to help clarify what shape I was intending for the anxiety tracker. Each day of the month has a line on the goal post and I will color each according to my level of anxiety each day throughout the month.


My fitness log follows the same outline as the past few months. It’s working well for me to track this way so I’m going to stick with it.


I love the way this Weekly Review spread turned out. Each week this year I have recorded highlights from the week and something for which I am grateful.

One of my goals this month is to create a recycling plan for my family. Once I’ve established that I will post a picture. If your family recycles I’d love to hear tips and ways to make it fun for kids. I’m also looking for ideas for my October pages.

The Ameri Brit Mom


A Week Before Her Birthday

Early September is an emotional time for me. Three years ago on September 12th I gave birth to our beautiful daughter. Every year as her birthday approaches I am struck with flashbacks to Birthdays of the Past and the early days of her life. I get a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes when I think about the days when I used to swaddle her. I reminisce about how quickly our all-day napping sessions came and went. I think back to fixing bottles, blending her pureed meals, and teaching her to roll over. Her first three years have flown by so quickly.

There isn’t a moment when I don’t feel blessed to be her mother. We are in the middle of the toddler years and some days are harder than others, but in the thick of it all September hits and I’m blown away about how quickly each year of her life comes and goes. I’m not overcome with anxiety about getting a perfect gift or planning a party. I’m just overwhelmed with love. It’s crazy to believe that this time three years ago that we had not yet met our bundle of joy.

So as the mornings grow foggy and the nights are sprinkled with frost I remember those first days as a mother and I smile. Nothing in life has been like the roller coaster of motherhood, but I wouldn’t exchange a second for any other phase of life. During this time I’ve learned so much and I’ve enjoyed each smile, each step, and each conversation.


3 years ago at the baby shower in early September


September 12, 2012


early October 2012

FullSizeRender (7)

The week of her third birthday (September 2015)